I found myself seated at a Singles’ Event where almost all of the participants were 10 years younger than me.  I felt like a “lola”.  Hehe 🙂

I was blessed though because of the speaker.  Pastor Joe spoke about marriage.Before going into any relationship, specifically marriage, we have these guide that we can follow.

  1. Identity.  Do you know who you are?  Who do you say you are?  We must first be complete in ourselves.  The line, “You complete me” is one big lie.  To really love is to be complete in ourselves first.  So how can we be complete?  Through these years I have found out that the only way to be complete is to let God complete you.  To be satisfied in God.  To enjoy God’s company.  To love Him first among others.  You soon will find out that you are already complete.
  2. Status.  Where are you?  Where are you in your walk with God?  Are you ready to get married?  Do you still have a lot of dreams?  Are there still things you want to do that you can only do when you are single?
  3. Maturity.  When do you want to get married?  Are you ready financially?  What about your maturity?  Marriage is a commitment.  It takes maturity for it to work out.  The giddy feeling will go away, but if you are committed to the commitment, then life will be sweet.  And it is only possible to have a sweet satisfying marriage if God is the center of that marriage.
  4. Character.  What are the character you are looking for in a spouse?  What are your non-negotiables?  For me, I want to get married to a follower of Jesus.  I want a faithful, kind, gentle man.  I want someone who can deal with all kinds of people.  I want a good provider.
  5. Intention.  Why do you want to get married?  Marriage should not be for ourselves only.  We should also have the intention of serving our spouse.  We should also have the intention to live a married life that can glorify God.
  6. Application.  We should apply our standards in our lives and our standards should be based upon the Lord–to what pleases Him.

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