Last night my printer died, on top of everything else. It’s annoying because it stopped my momentum with my studies; moreover, I like this printer because it was heavy duty. I can load lots of paper, scan documents continuously and the ink lasts for a long time. But since it gave up just like that, I wanted to try a different brand and hope that it’s actually gonna be better than this one. Now I have an unused ink cartridges. Too bad it’s not compatible with this brand’s newer models.

I tried to buy a new printer before work but I was running late so I ended up asking Joshua to buy the printer for me instead. And this evening after work, I installed the new printer. Techie stuff. This time I decided to make use of all the features–almost, except for the fax.

Now I am surrounded by technology. I prefer it this way because right now this is the only way I can be connected to the world–to my family and friends.. I just wish there is a technology I have right now that could give me more time so I can finish my assignment. 🙂

5 years

One by one I took my memories out of those boxes. Boxes tucked away for 5 years. Memories that I chose to forget. Memories that were really not needed at that time.look at the boxes. 5 years has gone by. Memories after memories. Confronting but therapeutic. To keep. To give away. To throw. Dust. Gloves. Face masks but it’s not due to covid.

Sad but hopeful.

I’ve come this far. Don’t give up now.

The past 5 years hadn’t been easy but they were full of grace.


It’s been a while again.

It’s been really busy at work. Lots of changes. Goodbyes are hard. I try to think that change is part of life but it’s still sad when someone leaves.

Because of so many stuff at work, there is one thing I’ve learned from someone I work with. Make everything as neat as possible. Messy workplace, messy mind so being organized is the way to go.

I’ve always been multi-tasking. Everything I need to do are in places I can see so you can just imagine how messy it can be. But I realize that doing one task at a time is always the way to go. Moreover, the out of sight out of mind can always be “cured” with lists. With my line of work, lists are important.

So far, here are some things that I’ve been incorporating in my work:

  1. Use a calendar or diary to write down the task or to-do list for the day. Everything that hasn’t been done should be transferred on the next day or the next possible day.
  2. Put everything where it’s supposed to be, right away, as much as possible.
  3. Always write a note for endorsement.
  4. Sort out stuff right the first time
  5. As much as possible, follow a routine.
  6. Be open to new stuff, especially if it works better than how you are currently doing it.

What about you? How do you do things? How do you organize your work?

Cosmo Air Light Notebook

I started using this journal this week. I like the size of the dot grid, not too big. I also like the size of the notebook. It is a standard size. I also bought the A5 size because I’m an A5 lady 😁

I posted a video on how I use this journal. I also use the Diamine ink Sunset with my TWSBI Eco medium nib. I like the colour of this ink but it is prone to false starts, probably the nib itself and has nothing to do with the ink. But I don’t have the same problem with Diamine Hope Pink.

Here’s the link for my video:


I was supposed to have my yearly eye check this morning but I missed that. Since it’s early, I decided to go straight to Officeworks and buy a USB. My next assignment is due in 3 weeks and I need to do a presentation. My classmate/friend told me that phone mic would suffice but I’ve been thinking about buying this because my voice isn’t as loud so I just want to make sure that they can hear me when I do my presentation online.

This mic is actually bigger than I thought. And the stand is also heavy. I also like the color, it’s all black. This is quite pricey though so I am hoping I could use this for more stuff aside from my school work.

I already tried it this morning but I am hoping to videocall my Mom to see how well it works and to get the hang of it.

So yeah, I just want to post this here and to write something else like debriefing my mind after writing the whole day yesterday writing scientific paper.

Psalm 147:3

It’s been a while. Two years. I still had dreams about this. I’ve been carrying it in my heart.. I wanted to do something about this but a wise person told me that I need not do anything. One day I will know. And that one day happened today (or yesterday).

An assurance from God’s Word that it’s going to be okay.

Content Creator

I’m supposed to be editing my assignment, but I am still percolating thoughts and ideas in my head. While waiting, I’ve been watching aesthetic vlogs lately. I’ve been binge watching Nami, Nyangsoop, and Choki and their vlogs made me think of coffee/hot choco mugs. So yesterday I went to House to check for mugs and kitchen items. There is a mug on sale for AUD$5 so I bought two–for me and my husband. I wanted to buy the Le Creuset stoneware mug but there was none in the store, which is good, otherwise I might buy it even if it’s not on sale. 🙂 Since I bought new mugs, I decided to make hot chocolate. I tried the Whittaker’s 70% Samoan Chocolate. It’s really nice. I combine it with a tiny block of milk chocolate so it becomes sweeter. It’s been 2 nights already of drinking hot chocolate. Maybe I should switch to drinking tea next time because my health can’t afford hot choco every night.

One content creator also showed the gifts she received last January, which are different scents of diffuser. She was raving about how nice the scents of those diffusers were so I went to Bed Bath something store and looked for some diffusers. The store had some promo so I availed of those and got myself two diffusers. The scents are okay but next time I’m gonna get a stronger scent because I want an in-your-face, nauseating, thick scent, maybe I’m just gonna get a room spray for next time.

Hmm…all these vlogs make me want to do a lot of things–cook, clean, buy stuff, eat strawberries, drink tea with honey, bake bread but I have to finish my assignment first.

Hot Choco Season

It’s winter in this part of the world and so it’s time for hot choco.

My own version of hot choco

Ever since my chance encounter with Koko Black’s hot choco, my life has changed. I didn’t know then that there could be such a heavenly drink.

From then on, I’ve been on a quest to discover the very best hot chocolate. So what is a good hot chocolate?

1. It has to use a dark chocolate. Lighter than 70%.

2. Lactose free milk. Cow’s milk.

3. Not too thick. It’s not for dipping, it’s for drinking.

So far, for me, the best hot chocolate is Oliver Brown’s because it’s the right balance. It uses dark cocoa but it’s not too thick. It’s just right.

The only hassle is there is no place where I am in that makes hot dark chocolate. So I have to prepare my own.

I couldn’t really tolerate lactose that well so I had to look for an alternative. Good thing I find that Liddel’s Lactose Free Milk is really good and easy on my stomach.

I’m glad I was able to discover all these stuff on how to make a perfect cup of hot choco this winter. There is no need to turn on the heater because I can just have a hot cup of cocoa. Enjoyable and economical.

Further Studies

I’m trying again. A few years ago, I enrolled in postgrad study under my workplace university. I got a 100% scholarship. My employer was also very supportive of me and my officemates. However, I wasn’t able to finish it because I couldn’t continue on with my thesis.

A few years after that I enrolled in another short course that would add up services that I could offer with my profession. But it was overwhelming. I withdrew from the course. I paid that course in full but it wasn’t that expensive at that time.

Now, my friend talked me into enrolling again in a postgrad study. We got a some scholarship which is really good. The semester has started and my first quiz is due next week.

I am writing this post just to keep this site updated and to remind myself, so it can finally sink in that I am officially, a student (part-time) again.

Lifelong learning. Never stop learning. One of the many beauties of life.

What I’m Into Lately

  1. Study Vlogs. I just love looking at laptops, tablets, books, notebooks, and the ambience especially if they are in the library. My love for books has really resurfaced.
  2. Books. Again. I really like reading novels but I am careful in what I read because I can really get affected by the books that I read. In movies, you can just cry if the story is sad but with books, it’s much deeper. It takes a while for me to shake it off. Most of the time, it sticks to be for so long. I would forget about it but when I remember about it, the effect is still there.
  3. Learning. Specifically, how to study. Everyone has their own way of learning. You just have to find out the most effective way for you.
  4. Preaching podcasts from Every Nation.
  5. The American Gospel on Netflix. I highly recommend this. It tackles about the true gospel. It points to Jesus. Before I used to listen to the prosperity gospel. I didn’t even realise it. But somehow, something is still missing. I find myself back to listening to some preaching that really points to Jesus. About sufferings and trials. About God’s plan for us including the afterlife.