Walk with me

Because I can’t really write something that I really want to talk about here because my mind is a bit “blank” right now.  Here are some things that make me grateful:

1.  A very nice conversation with someone with a strong faith.  We talked about the differences in religion and her own journey and how I could relate to her. 🙂

2.  The blouse given to me by my kind friend.  I don’t have to worry about buying new clothes because people are kind enough to give me some. 🙂

3.  Learning God’s Word with E.  I told him about the sunday’s service and what I have been learning about PDL.

4.  The new theme from WordPress.

5.  Learning something new about the lungs.

6.  Able to control the food that I eat. 🙂


Just some random pic because my blog is all words and no pics.  Sorry, the food that I usually eat is not that good-looking…haha and when I eat something great, I don’t have my camphone with me.


This is serious.  I am starting at a weight of 135 lbs.  My goal is to lose 1 pound per week.  And this means lifestyle change.  Enough of senseless and mindless eating.


I decided to eat a lot at breakfast last Friday.  Because of that, I was still not hungry at lunch so I skipped it.  When I was finally hungry, I wanted something from Gotohaus, a restaurant selling congee that is owned by a former employee of our company/workplace.  Gotohaus not only sell congee but also pansit canton (fried noodle) and other kinds of noodles.  According to my senior, the pansit canton there is delicious.  I got curious and so I wanted to try it.  I ordered that but the delivery man bought a different kind of noodle.

Now one thing about me is that when it comes to food, I want mine to be exactly as I want them.   In a fastfood, when I say drumstick, I want drumstick.  If they don’t have it, I go to other fastfood.  I can go to great lengths just to get the food that I want.  That is how I am with food.  That when I want this particular brand, I would walk the distance to eat what I want and just so I could save time, I would eat while walking as long as I’m eating/drinking what I want. 🙂

I could be like that in so many things.  When I am really into something, I would do my best to get what I want.  I could stay still, wait for a long time, endure the rudeness of people just to get what I want.

That’s why I get frustrated whenever simple requests could not be made when they say they could.  But this time, I have no choice.  I could not return the noodle and besides I was also hungry.  It tasted good but I could not appreciate it.  I was not smiling as I was eating it.  So to change my sulkiness, I decided to buy a cracker with fillings and just end my hunger.

I went on with my daily activities satisfied with the cracker.  After an hour or so, one of our seniors entered the office and informed us of the pansit that were given to us as a farewell treat.  One of our areas are transferring to another area away from us.  It’s still within the workplace but it is farther from us now.

We were already full so we refused to get pansit. But I asked my senior if it was pansit canton, and she said she wasn’t sure.  After a while, our senior entered again this time carrying a load of…guess what…pansit canton!!! 🙂

I was thinking, Oh my God, I am touched.  🙂 You really took the time to give me what I want.  You are so kind to me.  Thank You.

God really made it possible to give me pansit canton just so I would finally eat what I want.  I was craving for a pansit canton and now God sent me a pansit canton.

It seems petty I know, but as little as that, He’s willing to give me, how much more for larger things.  I felt ashamed though because I was sulking and acting a little bratty

God is real.  And He loves us  Big time. 🙂

Happy sunday everyone! 🙂


I am happy to finally understand how Amiodarone, a drug for the rhythm of the heart, works.  I finally get it.  And I’ve been hearing and reading about this drug for almost a decade now.  Just like a lot of things, I have been hearing about them for so long, but it’s only now that I really understand what they are all about.

I know I still have a lot to understand, but I believe that God is in charge of that now.  I am glad He is very much present in my life now, otherwise, I would be so lost.

January is a very special month because it’s the first month of the year.  It signifies beginnings–starting anew and great expectations.  It signifies HOPE.  One of the verses that VCF has emphasized is this:

“9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9)

In life there will be challenges, but we should not worry or be discouraged because God is there with us.  Being courageous is moving on even with fear.  Nobody says it’s going to be easy but we can be sure that God is with us in every step of the way.

My post are so random today.  Sorry about that.  Hopefully tomorrow, I can post better and more consistent thoughts.  How’s your day?


I want to write about this particular topic but right now, I think it is best to just put it into practice because it is better that way.

Someone treated me with one ear of sweet corn.  The corn tasted so sweet.  I enjoyed eating it.  I felt full until lunch.  However, around 2pm (I think), my stomach started grumbling but I could not leave the presentation just to eat and so I bore it.  After work, someone treated me with pizza.  I had 2 slices.  I also had few oz of Coke.  Afterwards, I felt satisfied but sad.  Sad because I overate.  But then again, when I computed my caloric intake, it was still within my required intake.  My hope went up.  I felt motivated again.

Lesson learned:  Don’t give up. Even if you overate, you can still save the day by not adding more than should be to your caloric intake.  Meaning, if you are not hungry then don’t eat.  🙂

Today, I am thankful for:

  1. People giving me treats me thus I was able to save some bucks 🙂
  2. E’s patience
  3. God’s time with E
  4. Reading some chapters from the Book of Job
  5. Having my second copy of the Purpose Driven Life.
  6. Reading blogs of my favorite people 🙂
  7. Being serenaded with religious music as we were about to pray
  8. Realizing that a friend is safe because she went on a vacation
  9. Seeing a friend and her friendly daughter inside the bus as we were going home
  10. People giving me a helping hand


First of all, I am still not able to take a picture of those pastel colored pencils, maybe I won’t be able to do so because I have already sharpened the lavender one and it’s inside the drawer of my office table.

I’ve mentioned before that I am rereading the Purpose Driven Life.  Reading it again is such a blessing because I understand now that I have to keep in mind that this life is preparation for the next.  I read this from PDL.  I just want to share this with you.

I am also happy because E is understanding and gentle.  I hope all the best for us.


Let’s talk about food.  A part of my daily staple is SKYFLAKES.  It is a cracker made locally.  Ever since I was a child, I have memories of eating this.  The smell reminds me of childhood when I would spend my time roaming our pretty, clean, and peaceful village while munching on these crackers.  Now that I am already working, I still love the smell of these crackers.  I have observed that the taste of Skyflakes doesn’t change at all over the years.

One individual pack of these is just 120Calories, good for my weight management efforts.  I love eating this in the morning.  Now I know that it lacks certain nutrients and I am not saying that this is very healthy, I’m just saying that I love eating this in the morning.  (Defensive…hehe )

In case you are wondering, here are the ingredients:  wheat flour, vegetable shortening (Hydrogenerated Coconut & Palm Oil), Iodized Salt, Sugar, Baking Soda & Yeast.


Last night, I could not sleep right away.  I was thinking about my dreams.  I was like telling God about this particular dream.  I am confused.  Someone told me that to know the will of God for me, I should have a relationship with God–a deeper relationship.


This morning the Pastor shared that it is easy to worship God when what we want is what He gives us, when everything that we want to fall in the place where we want it to fall.  But when things do not go according to what we want, then that is something else.

For the first time this morning, I cried.  The Word of God has touched my heart.

My sister went with me to the church today.  Afterward, we dropped by our store and discovered that Mom and my sister-in-law were eating breakfast meal from Jollibee, the most popular food chain in the Philippines.  My sister and I decided to have lunch there because we got enticed by the food they were eating.

Also, I am rereading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

Lesson I’ve realized that I should learn:  I need to get over myself because it’s not about me, it’s about God.


It was night time and I just  had taken a bath, ready to do some work then sleep after.  My roommates had not yet arrived.  I decided to send a message to one of my roommate to buy me Mr. Chips (from Jack “n Jill) and a can of coke.  She did buy me.  I ate happily sharing with them some of the chips.  Then suddenly, it happened.  My stomach moved suddenly that I urgently went inside the bathroom to let the air or food or waste all out.  The air was stuck inside my stomach and the pain was 9/10 for me.  Thank God I never passed out.

In the end, I have vomitted the chips and the coke I had just eaten.

It was a painful way to gain back my motivation to think about my health.

My apologies if you are eating right now and you happen to read my blog.

Portion control effort is a lifestyle and not just a goal.  Hopefully this will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Before I end this post, I want to share with you this video of my now major crush, Zachary Levi of Chuck with Katharine McPhee.  This is Terrified.  If love is terrifying, I would still fall in love a thousand times (hopefully to my future husband and also to God).

Enjoy the weekends!!! 🙂


It is the theme I am using right now.  I just have a different background.  I have been changing themes quite a lot because I want this specific font because it is easier to read.   But I also want a customizable background or header, then voila!  Duster is created.

Good thing the creator of this came up with this, I am taking this as a treat from God.  Even the smallest things, He would give us.  That’s how much He loves us.

Also, I am thankful because I thought that my electric fan is broken but my roommate gave it another go and the fan suddenly became alive 🙂

I am also thankful for Jotter Pad I found at the National Bookstore, the most popular bookstore in the Philippines.  It has many branches.  Anyway, Jotter Pad … in the office is relatively hard to find because stocks run out quickly.  I bought several pads last year and though I haven’t consumed them all yet, I saw the new stocks again this year and I decided to buy several pads again.  I bought them for two reasons:  one is that I love quality  papers!  and two,  the weight of the pad is way lighter than last year’s pad.  I know it seems petty and geeky but paper makes me happy.

Another thing, I also saw pencils in pastel colors–yellow, lavender, and PINK!!!  I can’t really let this chance pass by. 🙂  I will post pics of these cute pencils tomorrow!  🙂

Good night and God bless us all. 🙂


Are you living in the NOW?

A dreamer always live in the future–thinking and imagining what life will be like once the dream has come true.  Dreamer forgets to live in the present.

I guess, when we think about God, we should hope in our future together with God in heaven.  But right now, that we are alive, we have to look around us and be aware of the world.  How can we help out one another?  How can we be ambassadors of God?  Are we enjoying God’s gift to us right now?  Are we doing the best we can?  Or are we putting life on hold?  There is a lot that we can do for God.  Right now.

Lord God, may I appreciate your gift for me right now.  May I always do my best in every situation.  Thank You for making me realize that I can enjoy the present while hoping for the future.  Amen.

Are you living in the present?