What I’m Into Lately

  1. Study Vlogs. I just love looking at laptops, tablets, books, notebooks, and the ambience especially if they are in the library. My love for books has really resurfaced.
  2. Books. Again. I really like reading novels but I am careful in what I read because I can really get affected by the books that I read. In movies, you can just cry if the story is sad but with books, it’s much deeper. It takes a while for me to shake it off. Most of the time, it sticks to be for so long. I would forget about it but when I remember about it, the effect is still there.
  3. Learning. Specifically, how to study. Everyone has their own way of learning. You just have to find out the most effective way for you.
  4. Preaching podcasts from Every Nation.
  5. The American Gospel on Netflix. I highly recommend this. It tackles about the true gospel. It points to Jesus. Before I used to listen to the prosperity gospel. I didn’t even realise it. But somehow, something is still missing. I find myself back to listening to some preaching that really points to Jesus. About sufferings and trials. About God’s plan for us including the afterlife.