Too Soon

In my previous post, I was supposed to make this tuna spread for my Mom, but then it rained hard that it also rained inside our dirty kitchen.  Therefore, flooded floors, leaking roof, I was not able to prepare it for her.  This saturday, I hope to prepare that tuna spread for her.

My faith sister gave me muscovado!  I am excited to bring it home to my family. 🙂

Tuna for My Mom

Because I love my Mom, I want to prepare for her tuna spread so whenever she feels like eating tuna sandwich, she can just take it from the ref.


canned of lite tuna

light mayo

half onion

1 clove garlic


1.  Open the canned tuna, take out the sauce, take out the bayleaf, shred it a little.

2.  Open the mayo, put in a bowl.

3.  Chop the onion and garlic.

4.  Mix them all together.

5.  Spread on a loaf.  Microwaved for one minute.

6.  Add one leaf of lettuce and eat. 🙂

Calories per serving, probably around 183 🙂


I’ve been so busy!  So busy with everything!

God has finally given me His promise–all I have to do is to enter it.  I know that God will be with me in every step of the way.  That He will not abandon me.  He’s been making all these wonderful things in my life. 🙂 He’s been teaching me–guiding me in every step of  the way.

God is really good.  I love You Lord.

This lunch I made tuna mayo sandwich. I ate three sandwiches–so yummy.  My Mom ate two. 🙂  One sandwich is just 182 Calories.  I also bought singkamas. I guess that singkamas has been there for a long time and I am the only one buying it…haha!  Also, I bought sweet potato for dinner later!

My weight loss has stopped this week.  I hope I’ll be able to start losing weight again next week. 🙂

My Anthem

Halelujah!  You have won the victory!

Halelujah! You have won it all for me!

Death could not hold You down

You are the risen King

Seated in majesty

You are the risen King!

I love You Lord.

Cooking Adventure

Last week’s encounter with my sis and Mom signalled that I really should learn how to cook.

I know how to cook, I just don’t like opening gas range.  I had traumatic memory of gas exploding and causing the whole building to burn down.  From then on, I’m cautious when it comes to cooking–that and I don’t like the feel of cooking oil splashing on my skin.

Anyway, I can cook fried rice mixed with all kinds of stuff I can eat, also noodles with eggs, and I know how to melt chocolate.  This weekend, I decided to prepare cheesy quesadilla.  I didn’t really look at the recipe–it’s all gut feel and more of my taste memory.  I bought cheddar cheese and cheese spread, bell pepper, mayo, chili, tomato for the salsa, and flour tortilla because it’s the only one available in the grocery.

I have burnt my first flour tortilla, but for the rest, I learned my lesson.  My family ate it and didn’t really hate it.  I guess, they are also into cheese. 🙂

I also tried to cook whole wheat pancake–looking forward to that.  I only learned to cook it on my last cake.  The cakes were either deformed, the first one was burnt, the others have middle part uncooked.  I mixed in some dark chocolate.  I love it.  I didn’t have to put on syrup anymore.

Labor Day

What a busy week!  I’ve been so blessed.  God is really faithful to His promises.

Labor day meant food galore day! 🙂  Labor to have food.  I’ve had the most delicious food this labor day.  Starting with:

What a nice morning snack while I wait for my friends at Trinoma.  The flavor of these almonds are really appetizing. 🙂

Then I also ate this because a handful of almonds is not enough for a morning snack (actually breakfast).

We had lunch at this chicken place called Bacolod Chicken Inasal and had chicken thigh and leg part.  Unhealthy but I don’t have that much option.  After lunch, we decided to try this gelato stall called Stick House.  It sells gelato on stick and you can dip it and sprinkled it with nuts.  It’s quite pricey but it tasted like Magnum only better.  I recommend the pistachio and or guinduia gelato. 🙂

After that, we walked around the mall looking for a white dress for my friend.  After that, we decided to eat at Mary Grace and I ordered grilled cheese roll.  They are famous for this.  Finally I got the chance to try this. 🙂

My friend also ordered this 🙂

Mango benne!

They also ordered flavored iced teas–wild raspberry and apple cinnamon!

After that, we still tried to look for that white dress but to no such luck.  We decided to part wayd and I allowed to give in to my craving that day–cheese!

Introducing, cheesy quesadilla from Army + Navy!  It is so good!  I so love it!  They even provided me with salsa and their chili sauce.  It’s really, really oh so good 🙂

And since I’m already on it, why not add this delicious fries!  It’s spicy and salty but it’s just great 🙂

Their very own version of brewed iced tea–Libertea! 🙂

And while I was enjoying my food–rain came!  The first rain in May.

It’s gonna be a bit colder–a break from this very hot and humid weather. 🙂