Here and There

My husband and I watched Dito at Doon (Here and There) on Netflix. It is a Filipino movie about how a relationship can be formed despite isolation and lockdown in the time of a pandemic. The ending affected me which is why I had to write about it.

Why was I affected? I think that movie was meant to speak to a lot of people. A lot can relate to the female protagonist, Lena, a very opinionated postgrad student. She was pretty close-minded at the start of the movie. Typical of people who hasn’t been anywhere else. Who has only been exposed to a small world. Caloy, the male protagonist, is someone who’s been through a lot. He’s done a lot of sacrifice for his family and who would do everything for them.

In the movie, they formed a friendship/relationship, Lena was starting to learn how to open her heart up to the point of falling in love. Caloy was struggling in how much he missed his family. He was also developing feelings for Lena. But they never got to define their relationship. Caloy tried to see Lena but they missed each other.

Lena has yet a lot to learn. She would often say hurtful things to Caloy. But in the end, she realized this and she apologized to Caloy. Lena definitely had feelings for him. She even asked him out on a date. She was excited about it. She was finally ready to open her heart and then Caloy ghosted her.If I were Lena, what would I do?

I would definitely tell Caloy how I feel. I would tell him that it was okay. I understand that he was really homesick and that he really missed his family. That I am happy for him that he is now with his family. Then I would tell him how I feel for him. If I think I am already in love with him then I would let him know. Even if it’s LDR at first, it’s alright as long as in the end we have plans of being together. It would still work. It would be hard at first but it will be worth it.

But of course, I would have to look at the practical side of things. Will it really work? Do we have the same background? Will he be able to provide for the family? If there are any red flag then I would just wish him all the best then say goodbye. Move on.

If Caloy is really worth it then he would find a way to keep Lena. Lena, on the other hand, can just learn from this. She would know better the next time. And should be thankful that she did not end up with someone who does not know her value.

What about you? If you were Lena, what would you do?

Response and Pandemic

I have been planning something for years. But something always happens which delays this plan. Lately, I’ve been thinking about this plan again. I asked God about this and last night He gave me the answer. Thank You God for Your answer. Help us do what we have to do.

Another response I received from God was regarding this question I had for Him for almost 10 years now. He told me to let it go. He also showed me why He answered no to this, why He asked me to leave a long time ago.

Also, it’s been 10 years since I’ve given my life to Jesus Christ. A lot has happened in those 10 years. Things I didn’t know if I could surpass. But God has been good to me. He has worked His miracles in me. I asked Him what was His happy, easy gift for me since it’s our 10 years anniversary. But the truth is, just having God around me and feeling His presence is enough. To have peace–that has been so valuable to me. I also want to fellowship with other believers as well. This pandemic has made it harder for fellowship. I just pray that I will be connected to a small group.

Last week I got into watching about airplanes–disasters and first class cabin reviews. It made me miss my family. I wanted to travel again. It made me think of planning reunions to see my family and friends.

But then again, they say that we may have to live with COVID around us. If that would be the case, we need to achieve herd immunity first through vaccination before borders can be opened and we can travel again. I pray that this pandemic ends right away and that everyone comes out of this alive and well.