I was supposed to have my yearly eye check this morning but I missed that. Since it’s early, I decided to go straight to Officeworks and buy a USB. My next assignment is due in 3 weeks and I need to do a presentation. My classmate/friend told me that phone mic would suffice but I’ve been thinking about buying this because my voice isn’t as loud so I just want to make sure that they can hear me when I do my presentation online.

This mic is actually bigger than I thought. And the stand is also heavy. I also like the color, it’s all black. This is quite pricey though so I am hoping I could use this for more stuff aside from my school work.

I already tried it this morning but I am hoping to videocall my Mom to see how well it works and to get the hang of it.

So yeah, I just want to post this here and to write something else like debriefing my mind after writing the whole day yesterday writing scientific paper.

Psalm 147:3

It’s been a while. Two years. I still had dreams about this. I’ve been carrying it in my heart.. I wanted to do something about this but a wise person told me that I need not do anything. One day I will know. And that one day happened today (or yesterday).

An assurance from God’s Word that it’s going to be okay.