Revelation Song

What a revelation I had last night during the worship service!

Last weekend, I received a command from God to worship Him fully, to find a place where I can fully worship Him.  I thought about our house.  When I went there, I got enticed by television.  The command was shoved at the back of my mind.  I was ignoring God.  When I went to work yesterday, I told God that I missed Him and I’ve been a disobedient daughter.

When I attended the service I told God I wanted to feel His presence just like before, but being disobedient, I was not really expecting anything.  Then the Revelation Song was played and I was so amazed!

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty

Who was, and is, and is to come

With all creation I sing

Praise to the King of kings

You are my everything

And I will adore You.

God revealed Himself to me.  That God is alive.  That He will come again.  That it’s not just fiction.  It’s true!  He will come again.

With that revelation, I felt God’s power and glory.  I realized that I shouldn’t really be thinking of worldly matters and prioritize more His Kingdom.  To work for God–now more than ever–double time!  That was what I felt!

Praise God!  You are good and kind and thank You for revealing Yourself to me.  I want more of You God! 🙂

Baked Ziti

Sbarro is one of my favorite place.  I specifically like their Baked Ziti.  This is how I like to eat my ziti.

  1. Order baked ziti half with mixed of alfreado and tomato sauce.
  2. Get a sprinkle of garlic granules from the condiments rack.  Leave it after getting a sprinkle.
  3. Get parmesan cheese, and chili powder. 🙂  Bring them on your table.
  4. Mix the sauce, sprinkle the condiments, and eat 🙂
  5. Drink iced tea in between. 🙂


My critic would always tell me that I always forced myself in a place I don’t belong to.

“You don’t belong in that church”

“You don’t belong in that clique”

I don’t belong in their church or clique either.

In Christ, I belong. 🙂

The Week

My takeaway for the week:

  1. Don’t monitor the chart, monitor the patient.
  2. I have been transformed by Christ.  Something in me changed.
  3. Women should be pursued by men and not the other way around.
  4. The past is not the one.
  5. Keep focus on the Lord and He will make your path straight.
  6. Don’t give up in trying to do something for the advancing of God’s Kingdom.
  7. God is the ultimate reward. 🙂

Magnum Truffle

Some 7-11 stores still have this flavor.  Thank God, another heavenly ice cream.  The first time I’ve eaten ice cream which caused me to close my eyes from too much goodness–tastes like heaven was when I tried the Guinduia ice cream of Caramia.  Then this lunch, the truffle flavor was so good.  It has something to do with the choco ice cream.  I nearly ignored the belgian choco coating because the ice cream itself tastes so heavenly.

Anyway, I think I would go to work early tomorrow so I still have time to buy this oh-so-good ice cream bar. 🙂

Handling Criticism

Taken from Day 26 of Word 4u Today Devotional.

Criticism will make you a beter person if you do these three things:

Look beyond the criticism and see the critic.  If it is someone you respect, listen to what they say.  If it’s someone who’s constantly critical, don’t place too much value on what they say; they’re probably just projecting their frustrations onto you. …Some folks only talk when they’re upset.  The important question is, does your critic sincerely want to help you?

Try not to take yourself too seriously.  Let’s face it, we all do things we regret.  But when you laugh at yourself and learn from it, you’re growing into maturity.

Know the difference between a constructive and destructive criticim.  Learn how to interpret criticism by asking:

In what spirit is it given?  If your critic’s attitude is kind, rest assured it’s meant to be consttructive.

When is the criticism given?  When somebody criticizes you publicly, usually their intention aren’t the best.

Why is the criticism given?  “The purposes of a man’s heart are deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out” (Proverbs 20:5 NIV).  When people are hurting, they tend to hurt others.  So always ask, “Was this criticism given for my benefit or out of personal hurt?”


Inipit Cake at Eurobake





One of the perks of going to other places is the chance to try out their specialties. Last saturday we went to Malolos, Bulacan fir the barangay health worker seminar and on our way home we stopped by Eurobake wgere the original inipit cake is sold.

Inipit is made of of two slices of chiffon cake sandwiching milk and egg filling.

It tastes just right–not too sweet and not to tasty.  But when it comes to inipit, I prefer the tasty kind being sold in other local bakeshops.

They have other nice products such as the humongous ensaymada.


I’ve been connected with mountaineers so people would often ask me if I join the climb.  I said no.  They asked why.  My knees wobbled when I climb, I answered.

I don’t like to climb mountain.  I want to swim but I shiver at the thought of sea urchin, sharks, drowning.

I like to drive.  But I don’t know how. 🙂

I love to play car racing on arcades and I love to ride the bump car–colliding and bumping into other cars.  I may not know now how to drive–but I guess I’ll be good at it.



The other day, I asked God to fix my finances.  I said it’s about time I gave it to Him. Then something happened causing me to give the little that I have to Him (not really to Him but it’s for a good cause).  I should trust Him.  This is an invitation from Him to trust Him and to see His economy and how different His economy with the earth’s economy.


Anyway, there’s a hype here in the Philippines with the Magnum ice cream.  I’ve eaten this before when I went to SG.  But not the choco-covered ice cream.  When I went this evening to Mini-stop, one of the convenience store here, I saw Magnum ice cream and I bought two, just in case one is not enough.

The ice cream is creamy and the belgian chocolate lives up to its name. Yum!  I am more likely to have more of this 🙂