2012 is a year of focus. To focus on just a few things. Before I always have a lot on my plate. I am used to that and I crave for this busy-ness. I went to my boss some time last week and I asked her about next year’s projects. I was a little disappointed when I only had a few things to do. I told an officemate about it and she said that my responsibilities are already a lot.

But it’s only now that I finally get it. In the story of Mary and Martha when Jesus visited them, Mary chose to listen to Jesus instead of busying herself like Martha thus missing the whole point.

2012 will give me a chance to focus more on God. Everything is about Him. My work, my social life, physically–it’s all gonna be about Him.

Thank You God, for arranging everything for me. In Jesus name, Amen.

Silent Night

It’s only now that the song Silent Night’s meaning becomes clear to me. Jesus was born not with a bang but silently. Only the shepherd came to visit him. He was lying on the cold manger. Jesus came for His people.

God understands and knows our pain and our discomfort. He comes to be with us–for the weary and tired.

Jesus came to save us.

SAVE. Such a nice word.

This Christmas, the message imparted to us is to share Jesus. I have an idea on how to do that through our traditional Christmas Party.

I asked them several questions about the Christmas story and it was funny because they keep answering them wrong. It was funny. But it was good that I was somehow able to share them the Christmas story. It was lovely. I am glad for the opportunity.

One good thing about this Christmas was attending church service Christmas morning. The church is generous enough to give out prizes for people like mobile phones and spa treatment vouchers.

It’s been fun.

As for food, we didn’t really prepare anything. We just fried chicken, rice, and lumpiang shanghai, and bought chiffon cake from the nearby bakery.


Christmas has come and gone. I was blessed to have this time to be with my relatives–to bond with them. We drank The Bar Vodka then went to Starbucks later. I also told them about the status of my relationship–or the lack of it. Here in the Philippines, usually during Christmas, Starbucks had a promo of getting the Starbucks journal after completing 23 or less sticker before the promo ends. A journal is given after. The journal is made up of nice, quality paper. I always wanted to have one but buying coffee from Starbucks is not really practical. But last night was my chance of getting my journal–we were 16 which means 16 stickers. But I figured I have lots of journals already and so I gave way to my cousin.

I was thinking of my MUJI loose leaf. Muji store has this beautiful array of paper. It’s quite expensive but when it comes to pen and paper, I tend to spend a lot on them. I love pen and paper. Now all I need is an A5 binder.

I’m getting the hang of putting eyeliner. My eyes come alive when I put on eyeliner. Another learned skill. 🙂

I am currently thinking on what devotional book to buy. 🙂 Something light so I can carry it in my bag with my Bible and something that has a Bible passage to read and not just pure reflections.

I plan to finish reading all of the devotionals sent on my inbox.

I also plan to jog a little this week. But my feet are aching. Oh well, that won’t stop me.

I also plan to blog–hopefully daily while I am on vacation. 🙂

Christmas 2011

It’s been a simple Christmas for me. But it was meaningful. With God, nothing has been impossible–virgin birth, saving the world. A barren woman pregnant. A fallen person loved by the Most High God. He is such a great God.

Jesus has been born to fulfill His mission. We are also asked to do our mission.

May I always do God’s will.

Merry Christmas!

Crinkles of Becky’s Kitchen

I wanted to try the crinkles at Purple Oven but I don’t know how to go there (in Makati). So to satisfy my craving, I just bought this good crinkles at Becky’s Kitchen which is near my place.

It was awesome! Lots of people I gave this to liked it. 🙂

But still, I would want to find this place because I am curious.

Despite the sore throat, body aches, and colds, I just hope to appreciate food. 🙂


VG stands for Victory Group. I am blessed to be a part of such inspiring group of women who are all passionate for God. This week has been so busy that I don’t have time to check my email or FB or blog. 🙂

Last Monday, we went bowling and though I’m not much of a bowler, I was still happy to get my hands on those heavy balls and slide them through those pins hoping to knock them out! My score was jsut around 30+…haha 🙂

Tuesday we practised at my VG leader’s place (her grandma’s place actually) where we got to get to know the other members. I really enjoyed spending time with them. Wednesday I had to go home because it was holiday here and that was my chance of seeing my Mom and my niece and nephew because I’d be busy the coming days.

Thursday, I didn’t have any activities after work so I just used it spending time with God while window shopping.

Friday, we had bible study in our office. Another deep discussion on God’s Word.

Saturday, I attended practice for our dance then we celebrated the birthday of our mother in VG (the leader of the whole VG). The food were all great especially Purple Oven. It’s a must try! 🙂

Sunday, I was chosen to be one of the godmothers of this cute little girl who really likes to talk to people. What a smile there, Z! So cute 🙂 Afterwards, I attended the sunday worship service with J and R. Two worlds meet 🙂 Then J and I had dinner at Amber’s in Palanan, Makati. The pancit malabon was good that time but I especially liked its Pichi-pichi 🙂 Yum!

Tomorrow is the start of Pharmacy Week. I hope the parade and all the activities go well 🙂