A Different Reality

A few years ago, I cam across the book A Kite Runner and it was about a young man’s story of his early life and how he and his father migrated to America to escape the political change that was happening in their country.

A few days ago, I saw an ad about a charity organization asking for help to give to the Syrian community.

I thought about the Syrians, how their lives changed. From prosperous lives to people living in tents, scared of the bomb attacks. Nothing left. They’d be lucky if their family are still together and complete.

Then I think about the current pandemic. How is this going to pan out? How are we going to survive this? Are we going to survive this? Are our families still be complete? What is going to happen after? The economy? Our way of living? Are we going to learn what we need to learn? Will humans finally grow hearts? Will they develop compassion towards others? Will they stop being selfish?

I pray that God will have compassion over us. No more lives lost due to Covid-19. May everyone be kept safe and healthy. Lord God, have mercy on us. Protect us, keep us healthy and safe. Provide for our needs. These I ask in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.