I witness a car accident while crossing the street. The car was about to turn left but since we were crossing, she stopped to let us through then suddenly the car behind her hit her, smashing her back light. What a day.

It’s a very cold day to walk but I was able to make it. Saw rows of stores mostly vietnamese, indian, and chinese. I bought potato chips from a convenience store. It was supposed to be on sale but it’s still expensive.

I saw trains crossing the railing. It’s with high technology.

Now my feet hurt because of the cold.

I hope God will give me favor soon.



This is what I have in mind when I was a kid. Just like in the movies. I want to live in a neighborhood like this where my kids would enjoy playing here.

Day Three

Applied for medicare but they said I applied early. The center is a bit far from our place so it’s a good thing that they accepted my application form and I just have to wait for the card on the mail.

Adjustments needed. I also need the grace and favor of God. So please help me God.

Be Good

I’ll be good to my body again. I’ve had enough of this stress eating. I have to take care of my body. I’m glad I’ve got to read blogs of these real people who know how to do it. 

By God’s grace, I can do this. 🙂

Comfort Zone


Wow, this speaks to me a lot.  I’ll be going out of my comfort zone–BIG TIME!  Hopefully, I’ll find a home there–a spiritual family.

God’s Favor

Everything is God’s favor.  Wherever I am, if God is with me and if He will favor me then I’m the most blessed lady in the world. 🙂

I’m loving this walking shoe which makes my feet feel so good I wouldn’t mind walking 2 hours a day in it. 🙂  But I have to think about my budget.  I’ve found this very comfortable boots but they don’t have my size. 😦

I have to be optimistic about things.  God is with me.