My stomach has gotten bigger.  I can’t breathe easily because of that.  I’ve been stuffing myself with junk.  I hate it but I can’t help it.  You have a feeling like you want something–as in really want it but then it isn’t really happening yet.  Like for once in your life you know what you want and so you hope that you get it.

But then I still love jogging.  I jogged a little this morning. 

I also got my period today.

I also spent time with my niece.  She is such a nice girl–playful and charming.


It’s the season to be jolly according to a song–but for me it’s the season to be healthy.  Lots of juicy fruits and maybe some fresh veggies around.  This Christmas I’m planning to prepare meals that are delicious and healthy.  It’s also cold during these months so jogging will be more bearable.  I should not be lenient and be more disciplined so that when summer comes–I’m ready for my swimsuit!  I’ve gotta “suit up” right?! 🙂

I got E and I free tickets to Powerplant Mall’s movie house.  We watched “Unstoppable”.  The movie kept me on the edge of my seat.  I squeezed E’s hand often.  Good thing the movie has a nice ending.  Whew!  🙂

Enjoy the rest of the Saturday!


Flowing thoughts

Thank you for the sore muscles of my legs–it means they are functioning well and I am able to jog whenever I want.  I love my legs.  I love my body.

My whole body is also sore though but nevertheless, the soreness in my body comes from exercising.  It is worth it.  I love my body.

On another topic, my colleague has this very good book–finally I can understand the long-standing questions  (some of them) on my mind.

Thank you God.

New Leaf

Hi there!  For 6 years I have kept a blog and in those years, I have experienced a lot of bitter and sweet memories.  I have become who I am.  I can say that I have been a better person.

I am now starting this blog because I am moving on–turning a new leaf or whatever that means.  I hope this time–I am on my way to become the best that I can be.  With God’s grace–it is possible.

This blog will be mostly about my health–fitness endeavours and sometimes about diet and food.  I may also write just about anything under the universe.

To start off, I am happy to post here that it has been 2 days that I am faithfully jogging.  This morning I also started my sit-ups.  How’s that for a great start?!

Here’s to a healthy me. 🙂