Healthy Egg

Healthy Egg is a blog about 4 things:

Faith.  Because of my turning point on July 2010, my life has never been the same.  Life with God is the best way to live.

Food.  I love food so much.  It has been a struggle to control what I eat.  Motivation is really needed.  Motivation to eat healthy, do things to be healthy, feel healthy.

Fitness.  We can be fit on a budget.  There are lots of activities that can be done even without signing up in very expensive gyms.

Fun.  What makes our heart smile is my definition of fun.  Work can be fun.  The people we’re with can be fun.  The activities we do can be fun.  Even God wants us to have fun, and enjoy the things He provides for us.

Why Healthy Egg?

I first thought of using Smart Egg, but I already used that before and I could not remember my username and password.  That is why I’ve decided to use Healthy Egg.  I love eggs–boiled, sunny side-up or scrambled.  I can’t have a lot of this, I know.  But whenever I can, I always appreciate this.  I would choose Pink Egg, but then it has a bad connotation that is why I decided against it.  Healthy Egg is fine for me. 🙂

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