Baked Ziti

“See you at church!” I excitedly told one of my regular customers.  I was excited to see them at church friday night.  However, someone needed my help that was why I missed church night.

My usual friday night consists of ordering my dinner at Freckles.  I always order its pasta for the night.  Then I go to church.  Baradine is just a small place so I either know them by name now and all faces are already familiar.

I missed church so I decided to just head on to my next friday night activity–dinner.  I called Freckles to order my pasta but last night, they had no pasta.  So I just decided to cook my own pasta.

So presenting my very own baked ziti 🙂

2014-05-23 20.12.00


It was yum.  I don’t have ricotta cheese but the one I bought have four cheese all grated.  They blended so well.  Now, I have enough food for the week. 🙂


I wanted to go back but a voice in me told me to remember.  Yes, I still remember the heaviness in my heart as I tried to grope for something, feeling like drowning, because I left my heart where I came from.

Long ago, I found a formula for moving on.  Lack of communication + time + distance + deciding to move on = moving on completely.  Right now, time is all I need.  I need to give it some time.


The funny thing about moving on–when you are able to do that–you are able to forgive and the pain of the past will be gone as well.

So keep moving forward.  Have faith in God that if God wants you to be with this person, this person will be in your future.  The important thing you should do is to keep moving forward. 🙂


One night I told God, “I wish it was spring already! :)”  Then in my head this question occured, “If I were to give you spring tomorrow, will you be ready?”  He was talking about my “bikini-ready body” that I plan to have come spring. 🙂  Then I realized, I need this–this waiting period.  To prepare me for the best.  It took me several years to appreciate what patience (or waiting upon the Lord)  means.  So as I was about to sleep that night, I listened once again with Pastor Joey’s preaching on Patience.  This time, I understand it better.  Thank You Lord. 🙂

2014-05-10 11.00.18