Will you remember

Maalaala mo kaya (will you remember) is a show here in the Philippines which shows stories of people.  Beautiful stories.  Stories where there are moral lessons, inspirational.  This night, the story is about this two brothers who decided to go to Catbalogan, Samar from Manila.  They walked.

Nothing is impossible.  Just like these two.

I remembered my journey alone where I went my way just because I didn’t want to listen to them.  When I was five, our househelp didn’t want to bring me with her to our store.  I was really pissed off.  I decided to walk from our compound to the market.  On my way there, I was wearing a bakya (wooden slipper) and an umbrella.  I was crossing the high way.  It was scary but nothing bad happened to me.  When I arrived at our store, my Mom was so surprised that she pinched me at my side for being so stubborn.  This incident happened six years later, but this time, the distance from our store to our house was longer.  People kept looking at me.  I was wearing a sunday dress while walking at the sidewalk of a high way.  They made a joke that maybe I would walk from Manila to Lipa when I got older.  Good thing it didn’t happen. 🙂

Going back to the story in MMK, I am glad for stories like this because it gives hope.  If you want to watch this story, you can catch it at http://www.iwanttv.com.ph it is entitled “Tsinelas” (slippers).

I took this from Aleck’s album in FB.  We were in this nice restaurant which has roast chicken as its specialty.

Enjoy the rest of saturday 🙂

Mystique Layout

First of all, I searched the header from google and I would have linked the source of my header but somehow it has error and when I typed instead of clicked the link, the site linked on my Blogroll appeared.

I like this layout because it has a theme option color pink.  I’m pink at heart 🙂

I wanted coffee.  I told my Mom about it, “Ma, I want coffee…” I was thinking of having coffee tomorrow, but my Mom must have thought tonight because a while later she told me that I should just wait for the water to boil.  So sweet of her.

We also ate at McDo this afternoon.  I kinda have a monologue there, she seemed to be listening to me though.  Hehe 🙂  I can’t really read her mind.


The Chicken Rice Place is just newly opened in Robinson’s Place Manila.  This is a taste of Malaysian/Singapore food.  Yum!  I recommend this place.  Most affordable of this kind of resto here in the Philippines that I’ve tried so far.  Plus they have bottomless iced tea for Php 50.  Nice! 🙂


It was Monday morning, but because the long-time dream of Recto, when he was still a congressman is now a reality, the travel time to Manila has greatly decreased–instead of two hours, I could get to Manila in an hour. I did my morning routine without really worrying if I would get to Manila on time.

The AC blast on my skin caused red spots of reaction on my arms. Yes it was itchy but I have observed that after my arms have gone back to normal temperature, the spots disappear. So no extreme temperatures on my skin for now.

I reached my office and did work. It was hardwork. It was a busy day. Some things linger on my mind. They cause me to dread the day–discouraged and without hope most of the time–doubting the Creator of His great power. But should I stay at a corner? I can’t. I shouldn’t. I have to keep on. Do everything I can. Believing that it’s all part of His grand plan.  Have faith in God.  Before we know it, the ups and downs and twists and turns of life has created a beautiful tapestry of life that is meant for the glory of God.

Just like Bicol…I have realized that I had no “me” moments in Bicol (as I have posted before ) as compared to my experience in Zamboanga.  But then I realized last Sat or Sun (not really sure when…hehe) that what I had in Zamboanga is sort of like “worship” because I have realized that my life can be even beautiful and bright.  That God has a better plan for me.  I was constantly alone with my thoughts on God and my life that time.  It gave me the strength to move on and pick myself up.  But in Bicol, I was taught how to have fellowship.  I was constantly surrounded by the other delegates.  The truth is, I really enjoyed their company because they are all interesting people.  In my third convention, maybe it will be all about how to be like Christ. 🙂  And to end my Bicol thoughts, I would now keep my Bicol experiences as happy memories. 🙂


It was afternoon and I was dozing off when I heard a blast which woke me up…but no it was not really a blast but as soon as I woke up, it was Monsignor Boy on tv having the Homily.  It filled me with hope and it urged me to attend a service/mass.  I went to VCF and I was hoping that my favorite pastor would be the one to speak.  God has been kind because He granted me that request.

Sometimes it is hard to stay on.  But then we just have to keep on and along the way we can be given hope–sometimes just a spark but that spark can ignite a fire that can burn for so long.  I guess, it is during this time that we have the opportunity to grow in faith.


I thank God that even though people hurt me with their words and actions, I now know who are my friends and life is full of possibilities of meeting new true friends.  Anyone can be a bitch, but anyone can also be an angel.  I know that God will provide me with the kindness I need. 🙂

This morning I met this poetic guy who was nice enough to share with me his poems, I had a hard time swallowing when I heard the poem he made for mothers on Mother’s Day! 🙂

I also had the chance to have a heart to heart talk with someone from work.  I hope things work out for her and may she always have the strength from God that she needs. 🙂

Another Step Yeah!

My tastebud doesn’t like iced tea anymore.  Maybe I could tolerate the very diluted iced tea–the more ice the better.  Right now, I’d rather have water 🙂  I also want to eat fruits–pineapple, turnips (?), banana, watermelon, sweet corn.  I also want to jog.  Tomorrow, I will jog/walk…I just want aerobics.  My body is craving for it.  I will not try to go on a diet but I would try to eat healthier.  🙂  I am learning to love myself again as days go by.

No to carbonated drinks either!

I have to follow my tongue right now 🙂