Mini Goals

Drastic change is not for me.  For me, I believe in slowly but surely.  Today I told myself to eat at least one healthy food.  Goal achieved!  I ate an orange.  Later I would eat a banana.

Tomorrow, my goal will be to eat a dish with veggie.  I will do this for one week.  That should be good, right? 🙂

I HOPE THIS 2011 to be a bit more of a vegetarian.  Veggie dishes are less expensive here come to think of it.

I’m currently watching New in Town.  I love looking at the snow and I bet it’s really cold.  🙂

My blog goal also is to put more pictures.  But as of the moment, I am still trying to find some device for my memory card.  🙂


Christmas Wish

Every year, I asked for 3 Christmas wishes.  But this year, I only asked for one.  Happy to tell you that my one Christmas wish was granted. 🙂

Since it’s Christmas, I just want to say:  Thank you God for giving us Your only Son to save us.  I want you in my life forever.

After Christmas comes year-end reports at work…haha…and also a reflection of what 2010 has been.  My friend is right in saying that 2010 has not been that bad.  I have lots of sweet blessings.  Really…it’s been a sweet year.  But I will talk about that on my future post. 🙂

Anyway, my birthday is coming up.  For my birthday, I will have three wishes.  I am still thinking about them though.  So for now, I’ll just let my heart find its way to those three wishes.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays! 🙂

Ready for Christmas

Christmas will still continue no matter what.  Am I ready?  Yes!  I am even excited to attend the Christmas eve mass.  Hopefully, my family and I will attend the mass together.  Christmas is really about Jesus Christ, right?  🙂  As for the gifts, there is always a way to give a gift to someone.  Christmas eve meal?  No matter what food is on the table, if your family is complete and you are all present on Christmas eve, then your meal will always be satisfying…even if it’s just an instant noodle. 🙂

I am not proud of what I ate today–too much junk food.  However, I eat real food this morning–breakfast-all-you-can type.  The canteen cooked pork curry–curry reminds me of Indians and their food.  It reminds me of some sweet memories.

Anyway, I also had Pringles and Gatorade for lunch.  As for dinner, I had fried chicken, rice, and some more Pringles, soda, and iced tea.  Bad choices.

I am not giving up.  Tomorrow, I will choose the healthier options. 🙂



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Since the joints on my hips are aching every now and then–a sure sign that I am getting heavier, I decided to control the portion of my food today.  I am successful so congratulate me.  Although my stomach is making noises–it’s like shouting for food, I don’t mind anyway.  I have survived being hungry before, I will survive it again now 🙂

Last Friday, I just want to share with you, that I have participated in a role play–an impromptu role play just to make our choir presentation longer.  The presentation was for the chorale contest for our office Christmas party.  I love acting but I also love singing.  But I also love dancing.  I may look timid but deep inside, I’m a star!  Haha!  Acting makes me happy.  Singing makes me happy.  Dancing makes me happy.

Anyway, moving on…right now, I am into:

1.  glasswares…just like the glasses in Greenwich, a food chain here in the Philippines for pizza and pasta,  and other wide-mouth glasses 🙂  I love juice with ice that’s why I appreciate containers that can make juice with ice all the more attractive.

2.  Asian blogs--especially those about food and fashion.  Like I've mentioned before, I love Asia.  I have always loved Asia but I only get to admit it to myself when I saw an episode of Amazing Race featuring HongKong.  Hong Kong is beautiful at night, with all the bright lights.

Asia’s culture is so diverse and colorful.  There is a lot to learn about Asia–especially when it comes to language.

3.  Pillsner glasses…same reason as number 1.  🙂  Oooh…I am excited.  I want to go home buy some ice tube and 32oz Gatorade c/o Big Gulp of 7-11 and use a Pillsner glass…nice right?!

Image from–_Pilsner-Glasses-Set-of-4.aspx



Oh my…my pants are tighter now.  I have to control the portion of what I eat.  One step at a time.  Anyway, I ate the mee goreng and it was spicy–just like the “Lucky Me Pansit Canton” here in the Philippines–the spicy one.

On to another topic, I am now excited for Christmas.


I didn’t only sing this day–I also acted.    It was impromptu.  We had to do some skit to lengthen the whole presentation.  Although I don’t really like my performance this afternoon–I appreciate being given the chance to act.  When I was in gradeschool, my teachers would group us and make a role playing contest.  Moreover, my cousins and I would try to act out a part of a movie (usually from a trailer because watching at movie houses was a rare occurrence).

Thank you God for allowing me to act again 🙂


Tonight I went shopping with E.  We bought this toy helicopter with remote control.  The helicopter is controlled via RC manually–meaning there is no auto-pilot function which is good if you are really into flying helicopters via RC.  We looked for cheaper rechargeable AA batteries.  One salesguy told us that one German brand will be on sale tomorrow.  We decided to just buy those batteries tomorrow.

The good thing about tonight’s activity is that we walked and walked–aerobic exercise!!!

I’m excited to go home to finally have a taste of mee goreng (fried noodle) or nasi padang (meat with coconut sauce…I think…I haven’t really tasted it but I’m guessing it’s kinda spicy which I like ).  I’m going to buy the ready to mix spices at MATAHARI tomorrow so I can take them home on saturday. 🙂

Activities done these past few weeks:

  • emceeing for an event
  • cheerleading for the sportsfest
  • judge for the patient medication counselling contest
  • tomorrow…singing for a chorale competition 🙂



Another post…well let me share with you something personal…

Something in me tells me that I can be who I want to be, too…

That all my dreams will come true…

That I will be a mother, too

A family of my own

In a place of warmth and sunshine

That I am capable of loving

More than I think I can…

That I can lovingly look at a child

And think that she’s a gift

Rather than a responsibility

Calmness instead of fear

One day…at the right time…

God will finally let me have the best for me.


Lately, I haven’t been counting calories and people are saying that I am gaining weight.  But I don’t care anymore.  I know my body and I know the safe way of losing weight.  I shouldn’t feel bad for their comments anymore.

I am glad because I find myself interested again in reading food blogs, hence, this new post.

After the holidays come summer–my most favorite time of the year.  I don’t mind the humidity–summer is always good to my heart.

Some story…I decided to stop by this store at the mall.  It is called MATAHARI where they sell Indonesian deli.  I tried their Australian cornick and it was great–so smooth–no hard parts at all.  It was a nice discovery.  Beautiful (and yummy) creations do exist. 🙂  The best part is they also sell Indian/Malaysian spices such as those used for nasi goreng, mi goreng and other “goreng” stuff. 🙂

I just love Asia.


I guess I’ll be learning to use that word more often.Another blessing has been given to me–opportunity to do yoga at work. I can’t believe that it’s possible in the Philippines to have a yoga club at an affordable price and with interesting people. This is another chance to hone my communication skill, meditate–enhancing my relationship with God, and live a healthy lifestyle like be vegetarian…nice right?

Now I have to look for a yoga mat and some positive attitude and I think I’ll enjoy my yoga sessions. 🙂