One Year

It has not been an easy year if that is what you ask. But the grace and power of God abound.

Have you experienced waking up everyday crying because you feel so homesick you dream that you are in the Philippines back home?

I’ve never really been anywhere but be here in Tamworth. Occasionaly I would go to Sydney but that is all.

It’s a constant challenge at work. But I am still surviving. I just hope that God would empower me to thrive.

God performed His glory by enabling me to pass my written examination.

Countless help from friends and stranger.

The hands of God are at work in my life.

God Makes a Way

The power of God is at work.  He wouldn’t have gone to work but God made a way for him to come.  Things will happen if God wills it to happen.  Thank You Lord for You are with me.  I know that You make me able to do Your will here on earth.  Empower me Lord God.  Bless the works of my hand.  May I help in advancing Your kingdom.  In everything I do, may You always be glorified now and forever!

How can I smile in the middle of challenges?  It’s You God.  How can I find the heart to forgive?  It’s You God.  How can I love some more? It’s You God.

Thank You Lord.  Whatever happens, may I always feel and be aware of Your presence in my life Lord God.

I want to praise You all the days of my life. 🙂



The Life of a Regioner

If there is such a word.

This makes me appreciate the Philippines even more–that everything is almost available in that country.

My relatives told me that Crust is the best pizza in Australia and so when I saw one I did not pass up the chance. I ordered the philly steak pizza with side salad 🙂


I’d say the crust is really something. I like it. But the overall taste is no different from the one I have eaten in the Philippines like the Sicily restaurant in Robinson’s Manila.

One thing I appreciate with the city as well aside from the food are the people


I love people watching, especially in a fashionable city like Sydney. Everyone’s beautiful 🙂

Now I’m heading on home which is 7 hours away from Sydney.