Content Creator

I’m supposed to be editing my assignment, but I am still percolating thoughts and ideas in my head. While waiting, I’ve been watching aesthetic vlogs lately. I’ve been binge watching Nami, Nyangsoop, and Choki and their vlogs made me think of coffee/hot choco mugs. So yesterday I went to House to check for mugs and kitchen items. There is a mug on sale for AUD$5 so I bought two–for me and my husband. I wanted to buy the Le Creuset stoneware mug but there was none in the store, which is good, otherwise I might buy it even if it’s not on sale. 🙂 Since I bought new mugs, I decided to make hot chocolate. I tried the Whittaker’s 70% Samoan Chocolate. It’s really nice. I combine it with a tiny block of milk chocolate so it becomes sweeter. It’s been 2 nights already of drinking hot chocolate. Maybe I should switch to drinking tea next time because my health can’t afford hot choco every night.

One content creator also showed the gifts she received last January, which are different scents of diffuser. She was raving about how nice the scents of those diffusers were so I went to Bed Bath something store and looked for some diffusers. The store had some promo so I availed of those and got myself two diffusers. The scents are okay but next time I’m gonna get a stronger scent because I want an in-your-face, nauseating, thick scent, maybe I’m just gonna get a room spray for next time.

Hmm…all these vlogs make me want to do a lot of things–cook, clean, buy stuff, eat strawberries, drink tea with honey, bake bread but I have to finish my assignment first.