If I have only known what I have to go through, I wouldn’t go.  But oddly, it’s been so magical!  I feel loved.  I love.  I have been taken care of–by God’s army of angels.  God You are good all the time.  Thank You for Your love.  It’s been a great year.  I’m looking forward to more greatness from the Lord.  In everything, to God be the glory!!! 🙂


I am grateful

  1. for Z for going with me to church and for fixing my light 🙂
  2. for A, for going with us to lunch
  3. for A, for being nice and for engaging us in a conversation
  4. for people at church for being nice to me
  5. for the good food in church and the coffee, too 🙂
  6. for M for another McDo night
  7. for C’s patience and guidance
  8. for E and his efforts

God thank You for I am highly favored, deeply loved, and greatly blessed by You.  To You be the glory, forever! Amen. 🙂


I have been busy answering my module.  May God take care of everything. 🙂

I had a serious reflection last weekend and I realized that I was slowly backsliding.  Scary!  But it happens subtly.  We would not really realize it until we were at the bottom.  This song touched me while we were singing this at church.

I pray never to leave God’s arms 🙂

I am blessed to go on a spontaneous road trip to Armidale and we ate at Fat Goose Crossing (FGX) and I ate this:

2013-04-13 15.28.18



I had the dill salmon with lots o cheese!!!  My friend ordered vegetarian pizza.  The pasta was filling and nice enough.  I would like to have something like this in Tamworth aside from the usual steak place.  I love pasta! 🙂



It’s best to buy chocolates after easter because stores put them on sale 🙂 I originally bought the dark chocolate but it was too bitter for me so I gave it to my housemate and she replaced it with the bunny above. 🙂 Easter here feels more like Christmas because it is cold. I am wearing my thermal now. It’s still autumn so it still feels nice to walk along the town streets and make me think that it is Christmas. I just hope that God will give me my Christmas gift 🙂

On Love

I looked at how my father loved my mother.  I looked at how A loved A.  I looked at him and how he was treating me.

Is this the kind of love that I want?  No.  Because it is not love.

More than how a person looks like, what’s important is how he treats you.  More than looks is the heart–for you.  They may be the most good-looking person on earth but if they would not treat you right then don’t settle for less than you deserve.

I am reminded of this verse as I think about these things:  Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things. (Philippians 4:8)