My Mocha Recipe

I only get to prepare and drink coffee during my rest days because it takes a lot of time to do. But I love the process of making coffee–french press, drip, or just simply adding milk in it. It’s fancy and a privilege–reminding me that life is beautiful. Coffee is always about mornings and new beginnings, which means hope. Or night-time and deadlines which means working for something that makes life better, which, again, means hope. Coffee ads are very effective in driving this message across. Coffee vlogs romanticize it even further–with the aesthetic mugs, kettle and how pretty the milk mixes with coffee. I am totally sold.

I don’t drink coffee every day of my rest days, just when I’m in the mood for it. Yesterday, I was in the mood so I boiled water in my “traditional” kettle (electric kettle doesn’t last on me), got a teaspoonful of the Starbucks instant coffee (medium roast but tastes like dark), with two sugars. I also used Uncle Tobys oat milk which I bought months ago. The result was surprisingly good. Oat milk is definitely worth the hype. I’ve tried lactose-free milk, soy milk, almond milk for my coffee, but so far, oat milk tastes the best among them. It makes the coffee tastes sweeter.

This morning, after going to get my booster COVID vaccine dose, I decided to do an iced coffee, using the same ingredients. However, as I was preparing the coffee powder and 3 teaspoonfuls of sugar while waiting for the water to boil, my eyes went to the box of Mork dark chocolate. I bought this a few months back, enjoyed it so much but for some reason (sheer laziness), I could never bring myself to prepare a hot chocolate. Here it was, staring at me, asking when I would use it again. Remembering the coffee vlog I watched yesterday about making mocha, I told myself, why not use it today. So I reached for it, add 3 teaspoonfuls of the dark chocolate powder into the mix, added hot water. Mix them all until dissolved then pour the mixture over my SB Christmas tumbler full of ice. And then I added oat milk to fill. The result was amazing! I love it. It is now going to be my mocha recipe.

More about the Mork chocolate powder, I bought this from Mork’s online shop. They are based in Melbourne. I first saw them on IG when my cousins posted how they drink the Mork chocolate. Mork created a buzz in Melbourne. Everyone loves a good show. I got curious. I wanted to try it for myself but whenever I go to Melbourne, no one is available to take me. I tried to go there on my own but I couldn’t find the actual store or their store was closed already (whenever I’d attempt to go) or it was closed on the day that I could go. Anyway, I did find another shop that used Mork for their hot choco. I ordered the 80% hot choco and it was too strong for me. I should have ordered a weaker one. It smelled so good though so I had to give it another shot. A few months ago, I googled if Mork has an online shop, it has so I had to order several boxes of the junior dark (50%) to give to friends and for personal consumption. FYI, I love hot chocolates more than I love coffee. It’s iced tea>dark hot chocolate>coffee for me. I did well with this purchase. It is how I expected it to be. The taste is on point. I’ve tried several hot choco and Mork is definitely one of the best ones.

The first time I tried oat milk, it was a disaster so I tried to stay away from it. However, during one of my grocery runs, I saw the Uncle Tobys oat milk on display. They look so appealing. Maybe it’s the brown-coloured oat milk font in flesh-coloured background that drew me to it, so I ended up buying it. It went straight on top of my fridge and stayed there for a few months until yesterday, when I finally decided to give oat milk another try. I’m glad I did. It was so good with coffee. Good thing as well, I felt fine after drinking it with my coffee so I guess oat milk is gonna be my staple milk for my coffee from now on.

So yeah, the point is, I’m really happy with my new discovery. ūüôā

Two Status

Thinking about my lovelife or the lack thereof, I opened my FB homepage. I saw status from 2 ladies. The first one was about how she was leisurely walking and looking up then she saw some artworks. Enjoying it, she took pictures and posted on FB. She’s obviously very happy. And I know why.

The next status was just pictures of people with this lady. This lady is charming, attractive to boys. In the picture, she was drinking with friends. This lady was in a relationship but she was still married. So she could not marry her bf yet.

A question entered my mind. Which of these example would I choose to follow?

The first one followed and surrendered her lovelife to God. There were struggles but she let God take hold of her heart. The result is a beautiful, better than ever love life. I learned that surrender and obedience to God yield the best result. She had to wait but it was worth it.

The second one followed herself. What she wants. She has drawn her security from the affection and attention of the opposite sex. She didn’t really want what happened to her. She was just a victim of circumstances. She’s in love but she could not just marry him.

The obvious choice would be the first one. Surrendering and obeying God with our lovelife require grace from God to endure the wait. To stand God’s refining fire. God will always be there ready to help us when we ask Him to and even if we don’t ask Him. He’s there ready to protect and guard our hearts and to burn all the impurities of our lives. We can rest in the truth that God will give us what is best for us and when it is from God, there will be peace. ūüôā

The Boaz Thing

I’m finally able to attend church today. ¬†How refreshing it is! ¬†I also love the food after. ¬†Haha!

After more than a month of not attending sunday services, I am finally connected to my spiritual family.  Coincidentally, the topic is about Nehemiah, same as that in Victory.

I had to walk home though.  I realized that I would go the distance just to have a taste of God.  It only means that I love God that I would do this for Him.  Good thought.  Though I know that I am able to love God because He first loved me.

I had a dream about this Boaz.  That is how active my conscious mind is that it affects my subconscious.  So this afternoon, I spent time trying to figure out why.  Why is this Boaz the one who came to my mind when I read that devotional?  Why were there moments in which I would think that it could be?

My mind says yes but my heart says no. ¬†My heart is heavily guarded. ¬†Thank You God for that. ¬†I was telling God that if I were to let anyone in, let him be the one that is from God. ¬†I told Him that He will be the One to put him, whoever he is, in my heart. ¬†Plus, there isn’t even a hint that I am his Ruth. ¬†Haha!

So for now, I hope this Boaz thing will leave my thoughts for now.

The love of God overflows through me.  I hope to be able to share this love with others.  One way I can think of is to let His will be done.   That will to let His command to make disciples begin.

Pumped Up

I was so pumped up for summer that I told God, “Activities God, more activities!” ¬†But for the last few days, I had nothing to do. ¬†I was feeling so down already. ¬†I asked God again, and then it occurred to me that maybe God wants me to focus on Him right now. ¬†Vertical relationship.

Maybe this sadness caught up with me already–6 months later.

God is doing something with my heart–transforming it according to His plan.

Other Side

When I was single, I used to wish to have a boyfriend so I would not feel so alone. ¬†Then I had a boyfriend. ¬†I could not help but feel to be single again because I had the freedom to choose the right one. ¬†It happened thrice. ¬†Mr. Osteen’s new blog entry made me think that yeah, we always think that the grass is greener on the other side. ¬†But the thing is it’s really not if God is not present on that side. ¬†The only way for anything good to flourish is if God is with it–if it has the favor of God.

If I want to have better relationships, then I have to invest in people I’m with. ¬†If I want promotion, then I have to work harder.

Which makes me think about the term “waiting”. ¬†Waiting means preparation for God’s favor to come true. ¬†I need to do my part–to prepare my field to receive God’s blessings.

I’m really blessed. ūüôā

I also realized that apart from Christ, I am nothing. ¬†No food ¬†could cheer me up, this past few days–just His Word. ¬†God, I hope to be aware of Your presence always.

**Scheduled Post


I found myself seated at a Singles’ Event where almost all of the participants were 10 years younger than me. ¬†I felt like a “lola”. ¬†Hehe ūüôā

I was blessed though because of the speaker.  Pastor Joe spoke about marriage.Before going into any relationship, specifically marriage, we have these guide that we can follow.

  1. Identity. ¬†Do you know who you are? ¬†Who do you say you are? ¬†We must first be complete in ourselves. ¬†The line, “You complete me” is one big lie. ¬†To really love is to be complete in ourselves first. ¬†So how can we be complete? ¬†Through these years I have found out that the only way to be complete is to let God complete you. ¬†To be satisfied in God. ¬†To enjoy God’s company. ¬†To love Him first among others. ¬†You soon will find out that you are already complete.
  2. Status.  Where are you?  Where are you in your walk with God?  Are you ready to get married?  Do you still have a lot of dreams?  Are there still things you want to do that you can only do when you are single?
  3. Maturity.  When do you want to get married?  Are you ready financially?  What about your maturity?  Marriage is a commitment.  It takes maturity for it to work out.  The giddy feeling will go away, but if you are committed to the commitment, then life will be sweet.  And it is only possible to have a sweet satisfying marriage if God is the center of that marriage.
  4. Character.  What are the character you are looking for in a spouse?  What are your non-negotiables?  For me, I want to get married to a follower of Jesus.  I want a faithful, kind, gentle man.  I want someone who can deal with all kinds of people.  I want a good provider.
  5. Intention.  Why do you want to get married?  Marriage should not be for ourselves only.  We should also have the intention of serving our spouse.  We should also have the intention to live a married life that can glorify God.
  6. Application. ¬†We should apply our standards in our lives and our standards should be based upon the Lord–to what pleases Him.



Girls would often say, “I’m not your typical girl…” ¬†But as for me, well I’m not really sure.

I am someone who thinks about romantic love on Valentine’s day. ¬†I want to feel love–the head over heels, lucky-i’m-in-love, joyful-happy love. ¬†But ever since I have known the meaning of this day, my valentine’s day has always been sad.

There were times that I was single, sometimes in a relationship, with celebration, without celebration.  But no matter what status I was in, I was still sad on this day like something or someone is still missing.

I wanted love on valentine’s day but I never really celebrated it. ¬†Is that typical?

This valentine’s day, my thoughts linger on romantic love. ¬†I tried listening to love songs just because Feb 14 is coming. ¬†I also think about what I would want this valentine’s day. ¬†And I just realized what I want.

I want to feel like nothing is lacking in my life. ¬†I want to acknowledge the completeness I have in God. ¬†That with God in my life–I am joyous, complete, and happy with who I am. ¬†This time around, I want to feel happy this Valentine’s day–not with the typical kind of love that people seek on Valentine’s day but with the love that comes from the Lord.

The Works

I recently realized that hearts can break without making a sound.

I’ve been to a lot of heartbreaks and every time, it hurts. ¬†But I think God is really working in my life right now because unlike before, I am much calmer now. ¬†The reason behind it is between us and God. ¬†God is in control of my life now. ¬†I already offered God everything in my life.

Because of this, I also realized that when God asks you to do something, we can be assured that it’s going to be for a greater purpose, for a good plan to prosper me and give me hope. ¬†So why should I be bitter or be ultra sad just because of changes? ¬†Since God is already in my life, it’s different now. ¬†I can be assured of His faithfulness that He will always be here for me and that He loves me and that He remains to be the same yesterday, today, and forever.

I anticipate His overflowing blessings in my life from now on. ūüôā