Be still my heart

God has His reasons. I will just let Him do His thing. I trust that He knows what He is doing.

This afternoon, I was so excited for our weekly bible study at work. Maybe this something fueled it. Because I want to understand. My usual self kicking in. But I must let God do His thing.

I want June to come because I want to serve Him. I hope this guy would be true to his word when he said that he would contact me so I could help out in organizi



The rain may have caused some delay in attending the tuesday service but I was still able to get there in time for the preaching.

It was based on Habakkuk and I got nervous yet hopeful with the point of the preaching. According to it, at the appointed time…though it may linger it will happen or be fulfilled. Whatever it is that we want in life if God promised it for you then it will be given to you at the appointed time.

It makes me hopeful because of this.

It also pointed out that no one can start and no one can stop whatever is the will of God. It is very nice to know that God is in charge.

I know that right now God is doing something for the fulfillment of His promises for us.

I also agree with not just waiting for God to fulfill His promise but more on wait on God.

I also enjoyed spending the night with friends. It is really nice to talk and share stories with friends.

What’s with the photo? Not really related to the post.  I just want to put pics.

Happy bday to my father whom for several years now, I believe, is in heaven. He would have been 68 by now.

And to M…if you happen to read this, happy bday, too. I hope you will visit us on a tuesday so we can bond in VCF. 🙂

Precious time

This day was spent with my energetic niece.  She’s three and very curious.  We went to the nearby mall to get my Mom lunch, and her an ice cream.  She is now asleep after playing with clay and calling out to the carpenters fixing our water tank.

I ate ice cream from Nestle.  The Belgian choco flavor.  I kinda threw away the big chunk of belgian choco this lunch.  Now there are just bits of choco in my ice cream.  It’s so humid here and the ice cream isn’t that cold.

I’m just typing away.  Not really making sense.  Putting words to my wandering thoughts 🙂

I need to do stuff from work.  But the noise around this house (because of the fixing of water tank) makes it hard for me to focus.

When I don’t understand

God always favors me no matter what happens.  He always completes me.  I am never broken because of Him.

There are two types of tests.  The test of abundance/answered prayers and the test of unanswered prayer/lack.  It does not matter what test we are in, we just have to pass this test.  The question that we should answer correctly is how do we receive Jesus in this situation.  If we are rich and all of what we want has been given to us.  Have we reached out to others and obey what God asks us to do?  Or do we ignore God because we don’t seem to need Him.  If we are in dire need of financial help, we keep pursuing our dreams but no matter what we do it is not given to us.  Will we still love God despite Him “ignoring” us?  Will we be mad at Him?

The person who has been given a lot is no different from the person who doesn’t have anything.  We are all equal in the eyes of God.  You are not superior to anyone.  God loves all of us.  We are always called to accept Jesus as our Savior and King.  He is our God.  No matter what our situation is.  We should always hold on.  Be aware of what God wants us to do.  We can question Him but we should not turn away from Him.

A personal relationship with God is what is needed to make us know Him better.

God, I may not always understand but I will stay.  

When God does not make sense

God has always been good.  I thank Him for all things.  He is in charge of the good and the bad.  We may not understand all of His ways but it is always good.

I’ve been having this inkling of focusing on my dreams–identifying them and thinking about them.  I think thinking and contemplating on them will make me happy.

I am also on the verge of finding the will to do something to get fit.  I want to move around and feel great about myself.  I will be able to fit in my clothes again.

What’s with the title?  That is the title of the new series this week on VCF Makati.


When I see babies nowadays, I have this feeling–longing maybe.  I am willing to wait Lord.  Until such time.  You know me better than I know myself.

How High

A friend read my feelings.  And so on that Tuesday night I prayed that God would give me something I asked for.  His message was:

”  If I say you jump, you should say, “How high Lord?”



I have been really busy. I hope to attend the service this evening.

I hope to post something about the topic tonight.

I have gone gaga over this chocolate ensaymada from Tinapayan located in Dapitan, Manila. I love the quality o the bread even if the choco topping is just a local premium kind…I guess. I love it and I recommendvthis for pasalubong or gift.




I have reached 142 lbs. All of my hardwork from last year’s weight loss efforts are gone. All this is to blame.

Yesterday I joined our yearly’s family reunion. It has been a tradition that we would go first to Antipolo Church then to my relative’s house in Marikina. It is always nice to spend time with them and to talk just about anything under the sun. And also to eat with them. The result of this is a fat belly and a headache from all this delicious food.

When will I go back to my lifestyle modification? I don’t know. I just hope that I find my motivation soon. My body may be aching from the travel but my heart feels good–figuratively. 🙂