Today, I had my big event.  Coordinating for a research contest in now over.  I can finally get some sleep.  Since last year, I was tasked to take care of a research contest among all of the areas in our department.  We have 3 big satellites which are open 24/7.  It was supposed to be concluded last April but since we were so busy then we decided to move the contest this month.  After all the nervousness, and not knowing whether people will come or not, it was finally done.

Doing an activity like this really needs a lot of teamwork.  Everyone is an important part of the team.  All the criticisms are okay now because we are able to finish an activity like this.

And of course, this has been successful because of God.  Because I lift this activity up to Him.  He made it happen.  Thank You po.

After work, I wanted to treat myself dinner but my stomach was still full and so I just decided to order not so heavy dinner and drink my favorite iced tea.  I’m still addicted to iced tea.  Then I craved for ice cream.  I love the Guinduia gelato from Caramia 🙂  It was raining when I went to the boarding house.

I need to sleep now to be energized 🙂


My heart may beat faster than normal

It may tell me that I need to close my eyes for a while

But something inside tells me

That it’s going to be alright

My heart beats in anticipation

Of better and brighter things to come

Maybe this is faith

I’m pretty sure this is faith.

ACCP 2011 Fellowship Night



Attending the fellowship night is a good decision.  I didn’t mind the hours spent here.  It is worth it,  just by seeing pharmacists all over Asia dancing and having a good time is so touching and a rare experience.

The dinner started at 7pm.  Kudos to Unilab for the “Fiesta” theme (feast).  There were unlimited dirty ice cream, halo-halo, kakanin (sweet delicacies), and lechon (roast pork).  Aside from that, the rest of the viands are Jalal.  There were shrimps, fish, chicken, and beef.  The place is also overflowing with coffee, sodas, beer, and wine.

Spirit of 67 played and it got the people moving on the dance floor.  They were so happy.  I would have danced myself but there was no one to watch our belongings.  I just enjoyed listening to their music though.  The band was so energetic despite the age of the band members.  They played like 10 songs continuously.  What an energy!

Delegates from different countries also performed song, dance, and magic that depicted their country/culture best.  Philippines danced the Subli and 2 other dance numbers.  People’s Republic of China danced with their costume reminding us of the Peking Opera.  Hong Kong did some magic show.  I guess the writer of their skit is smart.  She was able to think of those ideas.  They also looked so young.  Iraq also performed.  I was touched by this number because only one delegate was there but he asked the participation of the audience.  At first he only asked 3 guys from US, Korea, and Japan, then before you know it, guys from the Philippines, Indonesia, and other men also joined the dance number.  It was touching to see men from different parts of Asia and US dancing together.  Indonesia sang three of its traditional songs.  I realized that Indonesians have cheerful music.

Japan also performed wearing their kimono.  They had this musical instrument unique to Japan.  They also sang a love song.  They were passionate people and Japanese really love their country.  They made us shout, “Be at your best Japan”.  At the end of their performance, we all gave them a standing ovation.

Korea also sang Arirang and they gave us a dance number just like the popular girl and boy bands in their country.  We enjoyed it of course because a lot of us were into K-pop 🙂

Singapore did a song number showcasing the 4 major languages in Singapore while showing a video made by their Tourism Board.  Oh wow, I still love Singapore.

Thailand gave us a song number.

The night ended with a raffle draw.  A lady from Korea won the 20-inch TV.



This is one thing that I will always love.  What kind of chocolates do you want?

Belgian chocolate is my favorite.  Though I seldom eat a belgian chocolate, this is for me the best–bittersweet and so heavenly.  I’m only able to eat this through a waffle stall where it sells a belgian chocolate waffle where there is hefty amount of choco in it. 🙂

Belgian chocolate, because of its rich taste is perfectly eaten bit by bit.  Get a small amount, let it melt in your tongue and enjoy!

As far as brand of chocolate is concerned, Ferrero Rocher is the best for me.  My cousins told me that Godiva is the best chocolate around but I still haven’t tried it so I don’t really know.

The Cause

We are now three in the group!!!  Yey!

You see, I joined a small group in the church and months had passed and I was the only member of the group aside from my leader.  We decided to just do One2One instead while waiting for the other ladies to join.  Last Tuesday, another lady joined us.  She used to be the leader of her small group in Quezon City and she switched to another job that was why she decided to just attend in Makati.

It’s been a great night because it made me think of reasons for bitterness.  I have looked deep, confronted it, lift it up to God.  My heart is lighter now.

Today is the first day of the Asian Conference for Clinical Pharmacy 2011 but it was raining hard here all over Luzon.  I will be attending tomorrow for the lectures, it’s gonna be heavy but I like it.  This is another chance.  It’s not often that a chance like this would be given to me.  I am excited to meet new friends 🙂

Father and Forgiveness

These two are the topics of yesterday’s preaching.

According to the pastor, in order to forgive anyone, we must first reconcile with God.  Until we do that, we won’t have the heart to forgive anyone.

Forgiveness is not only for the person we are forgiving, it’s more for us.  Such as honoring–it’s not for others really, it’s for us.  Our character will be shaped if we know how to honor others.

I guess a lot of church goers have some bad relationship with their fathers because a lot are wiping their tears as the service ended.  That is one thing that I won’t really relate to because 1) my father is more likely in heaven already and 2) my father has been so kind to me, not just to me but to all.  He’s been a great father, a great person, too.

We tend to see our father as a superhero–one of those who can do anything and who can solve anything.  But during the last few years of my Dad’s life, I’ve seen who he really is–his fears and weaknesses and I have also seen how he was able to conquer those and stand again.  He may be just an ordinary guy but his character is still intact–his character is golden and almsot Christ-like.

On to other topic, I think I will try to imitate the quite popular Juju cleansing.  But I don’t have the means to purchase the juice, that is why I will just mimic it.  I have to take multivitamins though.  I will try it for a day.  If I can tolerate that then I’m gonna try it the following day and so on until I can tolerate it for one week.

To Save a Life

It’s not every week that I stumble upon a movie like this one.  This is nice. 🙂

I’ve been busy…well not really…just tired enough at night to open my laptop.  Still have a headache right now.  I just want to share this movie.


God suprises me again. All I can really do is obey Him. I hope He will provide because I have no idea how I could have what I need. Yesterday was the day I had to assist the registration. I was running late that I had no time to go home to drop my things off. I went to the church directly. I was annoyed at first because of some miscommunication. But then, things changed for the better. I would have loved to stay behind to listen to the lessons. But I had my things with me and I was so hungry then.

Last Tuesday, I have started my One2One with CS.  I’ve also been reading the booklet and I have read there that people receive the Holy Spirit by asking Him to come to you.  There is also some verse there about touching you literally to receive the Holy Spirit.

I really need to lose weight.  Last night, my friend M and I were lost and we had this old couple help us.  They offered a ride but we had to climb the back.  Because I was big, I couldn’t climb the back.  It just showed that I really need to lose weight.

This morning, a cat ran over my foot and my workmate told me that anti-rabies was to be given per body weight.  So the bigger you are, the more dose to give and the more expensive it is.  Again, I have to lose weight.

Me having to spend some minutes at the emergency room of where my brother work is a blessing in disguise.  I got to experience the skin test.  It was painful.  After that we went to McDonalds to treat my brother, my sister coincidentally called me to buy her some food from McDonalds and so we ended up eating together back at home.  We were able to talk for a while about stuff–bonding moments with them.

Now, because of that cat incident, I have to be careful in walking inside dark rooms just to make sure that I don’t step on any cat.



Be All and More

The birds can tweet all day


Faces may have books


Friends can be there


Hooray for email.


Or wear a goggle while surfing


Give messages to friends with pictures and all


Or just a simple hi


With threaded messages to show us developments


Solitude in your own music


Strangers can be friends


Then flirting will be possible


Be anywhere and stay connected


With BBM, it is possible and more.


This afternoon was the first time that I handled a small group. I didn’t know if they learned anything from me but I hope so. I hope they are able to get to know Christ a bit more with what we have discussed and I hope that they will be able to apply the tips enumerated this afternoon on how to apply the Word in their lives. I don’t know what this means all I know is that I was presented with an opportunity, and I said yes. Because we all need to talk about God and study His Word, for our soul.  Last night or was it this morning…JR sent me a message asking what time slot and date I could help out at the Victory Weekend.  I immediately replied with Saturday because I have work on Friday.  I really hope I will be able to assist them.

Our topic this afternoon was about being strong in God.  How to be strong with God.  I hope it made sense to them.

God is working in my life.  Thank You God for everything.