I attended my first official connect group.  I feel so happy.  Like I can see clearly again.  Thank You Lord for making this happen.

My takehome:

1.  Pharisees, saducees, sanhendrins were created because they want the favor of God to go back to Israel.  For years, during the times when there’s Judah and Israel, the prophets warned them that God would abolish the kingdom if the people would continue to disobey God until such time when God has abolished the kingdom.  So to have the favor of God, to have the kingdom again, group of Israelites wanted to make sure that they would now follow the commands of God so God would favor them once more so that the kingdom will be built once more.  The Roman empire ruled Israel that time.

2.  People were expectant that God would bring the Messiah–the One who will save them just like David and all the other kings before.

3.  Pharisees and others were expecting a different Messiah because they were expecting that Jesus if He were the Messiah would recruit them instead because they are supposed to be closer to God because they follow God’s commands.

4.  As saved by Christ, we should reach out to others and show the love of God through our actions and love towards them.

5.  Share Jesus with others.  Go and make disciples. 🙂

6.  In connect groups the focus is taken out of ourselves we focus instead to Jesus. 🙂

7.  Because we are grateful for the love of God, we share it to others 🙂


And then he cried in front of me.

Giving.  He is so giving of himself that he can open up to me.  That is why I can open up to him, too.  That is why I am giving of myself with him.  In other words, I call this friendship.

But how can I be giving to people who attack me?  It’s human nature to build walls.  So it would not hurt as much.  God said to pray for those who persecute us.  God said to forgive those who wronged us.  As Christians, we are called to do these.  But I know, this is only possible with the help of God.  By His grace, we can be forgiving and giving of ourselves to everyone.  By our example, we will be the salt of the earth.  Our kindness and goodness will show that we are really from God.  Again, it’s only possible if we have God in our lives.

Love.  That is the source.  God is love.  We can be giving if we love one another.  Love comes from God.

God puts me here surrounded by all these beautiful people.  May God be able to use me to reach out to them.  May I successfully plant the seeds of faith.  Because having faith in God is the best thing that we can share with everyone.


Yesterday, although it was freezing, I attended the Stress Less Activity at the Bicentennial Park.  I could not stay longer because it was really cold and I only have 2 layers on.  But I like how this community really tries to have all these activities.  They also served free food, massages, and other fun activities.  If it were warmer, I guess more people would come by.


I got fascinated by these ducks swimming in this pond. 🙂  I was trying to see their feet.  Grace under pressure.  Maybe I could learn something from them. 🙂


Amateur photo 🙂  I just want to capture some activities that went through that day. 🙂


I was contemplating on doing something major when someone sent me an earth-shattering news.  I was like what am I gonna do now?!

Then this message was sent to me as soon as I received that earth-shattering news:

Hi __,

Encouragement, testing and encouragement goes on…

But now the Lord says:  Be strong, Zerubbabel.  Be strong, Jeshua son of Jehozadak, the high priest.  Be strong, all you people still left in the land.  And now get to work, for I am with you, says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.  My Spirit remains among you, just as I promised when you came out of Egypt.  So do not be afraid.” (Haggai 2:4-5 NLT)

After work, I went to this moon lantern festival.  It was fun for me seeing kids and adults to showcase their talents 🙂  At such a young age, some kids can play violin really well. 🙂  I finally tasted a mooncake, too. 🙂

I also liked the weather this afternoon.  I love the wind and walking.  I think I needed it that time.  That festival helped me to relax. 🙂  God is really good to me.  I am really under His care. 🙂

Labor Day

What a busy week!  I’ve been so blessed.  God is really faithful to His promises.

Labor day meant food galore day! 🙂  Labor to have food.  I’ve had the most delicious food this labor day.  Starting with:

What a nice morning snack while I wait for my friends at Trinoma.  The flavor of these almonds are really appetizing. 🙂

Then I also ate this because a handful of almonds is not enough for a morning snack (actually breakfast).

We had lunch at this chicken place called Bacolod Chicken Inasal and had chicken thigh and leg part.  Unhealthy but I don’t have that much option.  After lunch, we decided to try this gelato stall called Stick House.  It sells gelato on stick and you can dip it and sprinkled it with nuts.  It’s quite pricey but it tasted like Magnum only better.  I recommend the pistachio and or guinduia gelato. 🙂

After that, we walked around the mall looking for a white dress for my friend.  After that, we decided to eat at Mary Grace and I ordered grilled cheese roll.  They are famous for this.  Finally I got the chance to try this. 🙂

My friend also ordered this 🙂

Mango benne!

They also ordered flavored iced teas–wild raspberry and apple cinnamon!

After that, we still tried to look for that white dress but to no such luck.  We decided to part wayd and I allowed to give in to my craving that day–cheese!

Introducing, cheesy quesadilla from Army + Navy!  It is so good!  I so love it!  They even provided me with salsa and their chili sauce.  It’s really, really oh so good 🙂

And since I’m already on it, why not add this delicious fries!  It’s spicy and salty but it’s just great 🙂

Their very own version of brewed iced tea–Libertea! 🙂

And while I was enjoying my food–rain came!  The first rain in May.

It’s gonna be a bit colder–a break from this very hot and humid weather. 🙂

Inipit Cake at Eurobake





One of the perks of going to other places is the chance to try out their specialties. Last saturday we went to Malolos, Bulacan fir the barangay health worker seminar and on our way home we stopped by Eurobake wgere the original inipit cake is sold.

Inipit is made of of two slices of chiffon cake sandwiching milk and egg filling.

It tastes just right–not too sweet and not to tasty.  But when it comes to inipit, I prefer the tasty kind being sold in other local bakeshops.

They have other nice products such as the humongous ensaymada.



Just so you know, someone gave me a rose on valentine’s day. My VG sister gave it to us during our fellowship. It just felt nice to receive flowers on valentine’s 🙂

Oh I also received chocolate that day from my officemate. She gave us all chocolates. I ate it before taking a picture though. Ha! 🙂