His Response

I realized that when you’re in God, He gives you promises–more than you could ever want. And the best part is–He is faithful to His promises. He will keep them.

God’s promises for me so far…

1. He will make a way when there seems to be no way.
2. God will fight the battle for me.
3. God has plans for me for my future and hope.
4. Someone who will love me without me forcing him to
5. My victory through Christ is a done deal.
6. I am loved no matter what my past is.
7. God will bless me just because He wants to.

God also reminded me that I should not lose my focus on Him. He knows the desires of my heart. But right now, He wants me to focus on Him and delight in Him. And I see myself worshiping Him and delighting in Him in all circumstances. I see myself smiling and being joyful and this joy in me shows. I see myself being made whole my identity becoming clear to me because of God’s transformation of my heart. I see myself so in love with God. 🙂

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