Every start of the year, our church has corporate fasting, this year I joined and Victory Makati has a kick-off for prayer and fasting on January 5, that’s my birthday. It was a nice birthday gift–a really nice surprise. 🙂

Anyway, the fasting started and on my first or second day of quiet time with God, I asked Him why my small group sisters are moving and transferring to other branches of our church. He revealed to me that He may have plans for them but He also has a plan for me.

I ask Him why I feel so abandoned and timid and out of place, but He told me to smile at people sincerely. So they will not be intimidated.

I’ve been distracted by the enemy this fasting week, from dreams to traffic in Ayala to bad packaging of pan de sal. Sometimes I fail but sometimes the restraining grace of God is there. I asked God one time to forgive me for offending Him, and the enemy was whispering that I was mean and I shouldn’t be forgiven that I should condemn myself more, but I know that I have been forgiven because God said that He has forgiven my past, present, and future sin because I have faith in Him. And more than that, I have the fruit of the Holy Spirit which is peace and joy.

I am also thankful for this prayer meetings because they helped a lot with my fasting and God’s grace is also sufficient for me to do fasting–I’ve only have about four instances of faint cravings for food. My self-control was so strong I could not believe it. For me it was a breakthrough!

And the best part is God is present in my life and I want to keep this up. I want Him in my life so much. I dedicate my life to Him. God, I am Yours.

God, thank You for the church that You have shown me and for the enabling grace You have given me to overcome my timidity and be an actual member of this church. Thank You because through them I have proven that being a Christian is really cool and You are so cool God. I can’t get enough of You God. I want more of You God. Thank You God. I love You.