Today is my birthday. So what does it feel like to be 30? It feels okay. It really is a good thing that God is in my life right now because otherwise, given my situation of being single and 30, I’d be panicking by now. Thank God He’s there, I am joyful and peaceful right now. I just see my being 30 as being 29 or less. When it comes to God’s power and goodness, age does not matter.

So now that I am 30, let me post my 30 prayers and goals 🙂

1. First of all, it’s about something major in my life. I won’t elaborate. This is just between me and God. 🙂
2. Have God’s promise of Him fulfilling my dream to finally come true
3. To have a Christian husband who loves me
4. To read the whole bible
5. To lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle
6. Salvation of family. I pray that I will be able to openly share with them my faith in God. And may they also have a personal relationship with God.
7. To save up for the future
8. To be promoted at work
9. To have other sources of income
10. God’s abundant provision
11. Healthy lifestyle, and healthy family
12. Gift of tongues
13. Gift of healing
14. Gift of prophecy
15. Gift of knowledge
16. Gift of wisdom
17. Visit Singapore and Malaysia/South Korea/Japan
18. Join in marathons
19. Daily quiet time
20. Join a ministry and be active in it
21. Meet new true friends
22. Deeper relationships with believers
23. To have the latest NIV Study Bible
24. To constantly feel God’s presence
25. To share Jesus with others
26. To be a blessing to others
27. To be protected at all times
28. To always glorify God through me
29. To start a small group
30. To make God smile at me always

Thank You God for all the blessings You have given me. Thank You for another year of Your great love. May I always find You God everywhere that I go. I love You Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.