How to Conquer the Promised Land

Lessons from the Book of Joshua

I haven’t finished reading the Book of Joshua yet but these are some lessons I’ve learned so far.

When God said not to worry, He wanted us to have faith (to believe), but He never said anything about things being easy.  According to the Bible, in this world, we will have trouble but we should take heart because Jesus has overcome the world (John 16:33).

So what should we do when things get hard and you are frustrated.

1.  Review your perspective.  It doesn’t matter what people think, what matters is your perspective about life and about your goals.  Though it’s nice that people will like you, it’s the truth that you cannot please everyone.  And if there is one person whom we should try to please–He is God.  Let everything we do, be done for Him.

2.  Be determined.  One translation for the term “determine”, in the Bible, is “strong”.  Once you have decided on something, stick to it even if you feel scared, lonely, discriminated.  Be determined to achieve your goal.  Hardships are temporary.  Look beyond that.  Picture yourself enjoying the fruits of your labor.

3.  Do not be frustrated.  The only way to beat frustration is to take a deep breath, slow down, and find the peace that comes from God.  When slowing down is not allowed in your workplace, let God do the rest.  Just as long as you do the right thing, you are still right on track.  They can’t hurt you by slowing down, but they can hurt you when you’re doing lots of mistakes.

4.  Be confident.   God has sent you to where you are right now for a reason.  God has given you the necessary skills to do what you need to do.  You are good enough and if you are open to new learning, you will become great.

5.  Keep your chin up.  Challenges will come.  People may throw reasons for you to give up, but keep moving on.  Instead, be excited to see how God will move in your life.

6.  Do not worry.  We should not worry because God is on our side.  We are already victorious.  So we know that whatever happens we will still end up victorious.

7.  Always know Who your God is.  God is the One who gives us this promised land, so we should not forget that.

8.  Conquering is an active word.  Joshua and the Israelite army have not rested until all the tribes living in the promised land have been killed.  We must not stop.  We should keep on doing what we must do to conquer our promised land.  No matter how hard it is, God is on our side.

There are many times when I just want to give up.  There are many times I have tried not to cry.  But one time, I really sent a message to my aunt telling her that I would do any job just so I’d be in Melbourne even if I would not become a pharmacist.  But somehow, this thought came to me, if I would give up on becoming a pharmacist, God would not help me anymore.  I think God really wants me to be a pharmacist.  I never thought that He’s serious about it.  I was confronting God one time, while looking for work on the north side of Melbourne, when He showed me that I’d be working in a chemist.  I was asking Him why He allowed me to leave everything behind in the Philippines and go here in Australia.  I was asking what He wanted me to do.  Then He showed me the sign (yes the signboard) “Chemist”.  I asked Him again, “Are You sure?”.  Then He showed me the sign again.

I was expecting that God has brought me here to minister to people.  But sometimes, becoming who God wants you to be (being a pharmacist, a nurse, or any  other job) is your ministry.  To talk to people in your workplace.  To share God with them.  Just mention the word “Christian”, the Word is already being planted.

I am seeing the wounded people.  I have compassion for them.  It may be hard to penetrate.  But the hard soil is softened by water.  God is the one who will send the water to this hard soil.  We now have to plant the seed of faith.  I have seen this miracle before.  I know it can happen again.  Despite the culture, despite the history.  Everyone needs God.  We will not find rest until we find God.

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