I felt good when I was able to make my nephew fall asleep.  I just played “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” a couple of times on youtube and before I know it, he was drifting off to sleep.  So nice. 🙂

Cold Rain

It’s winter and it’s raining.  You bet the raindrops are freezing cold (not really but with the wind…you won’t like it).  At this time, it’s always nice to eat comfort food.  Here are the lists of comfort food on a cold and rainy day:

1.  Chicken noodles.  Any cheap chicken-flavored noodle will do.  To make it more interesting, it is nice to add beaten egg while rapidly stirring the boiling noodle.  You can add some chili to make it even more appetizing and or some veggies like carrots.

2.  Coffee and hot bread.  Dip the bread on the coffee.

3.  Hot choco.  Need I say why? 🙂

Any soup will do actually just as long as you like the taste.  But it is always important to drink water after.