I am writing this post using my new notebook.  The stress I had gone through yesterday because of this.  This was not the model I had in mind, I wanted the model with chiclet keypad–yknow just like Mac.  But I had this instead.  But then again, now that I am using this, it kinda grows on me.  I think I am falling in love with this.  🙂  Happy ending still! 🙂

I have to pack my bags again and go to another part of this new land.  I am but living in a tent–camping, waiting when God will tell me to move.  Now I am moving again.  I know that God will give me a spiritual family there.  He sends me there to become a registered pharmacist.  He most importantly sends me there for ministry so I can participate in advancing God’s kingdom.  He will always equip me and teach me things so I will be able to do what I should do that is according to God’s will.

God has done great things to Abraham, and I know that He will do great things in my life, too.

God is taking care of my family.  Thank You God.  I claim household salvation, Lord.  🙂

I want to always go all out for God and the only way I can think of how to do this is to be OBEDIENT to God.  OBEDIENCE is the key here.  Not my will but God’s will.

God will give me the confidence to embrace His truth that I am His daughter in Jesus’ mighty name. 🙂