Someone made a bad joke about Jesus. But instead of standing up for Him like defending Him, I didn’t and ignored the comment.

It’s offending when someone disrespects Jesus blatantly. But should I stand up for Him? Or should I just pray that the heart of the offender be touched by God?

One thought on “Offended

  1. Choose your battle wisely. People disrespected Jesus even in times of Christ Jesus Himself. The crucified God-man, as Paul said, is foolish to the those who are not in Christ.

    We need to ask the Holy Spirit to give us ability, words and gentleness to stand for Christ. I will encourage you read Tactics by Gregory Koulk, On Gaurd by William Lane Craig and Chosen By God by R. C. Sproul. The first will help you stand for Christ without sounding defensive, the second will help you know what reasons Christians do have and can share with non-Christians for what they believe and why they believe. The last one will help you understand that everything is under God. He is in control even of the person who speak against Him.

    In Christ,


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