The other day, I asked God to fix my finances.  I said it’s about time I gave it to Him. Then something happened causing me to give the little that I have to Him (not really to Him but it’s for a good cause).  I should trust Him.  This is an invitation from Him to trust Him and to see His economy and how different His economy with the earth’s economy.


Anyway, there’s a hype here in the Philippines with the Magnum ice cream.  I’ve eaten this before when I went to SG.  But not the choco-covered ice cream.  When I went this evening to Mini-stop, one of the convenience store here, I saw Magnum ice cream and I bought two, just in case one is not enough.

The ice cream is creamy and the belgian chocolate lives up to its name. Yum!  I am more likely to have more of this 🙂

2 thoughts on “Magnify

    • Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      I have long given God my life but there are times that I forget to focus on other things about my life and when I realize it, there is difficulty around it–realizing that I’m trying on my own to control it instead of leaving it up to God since my life is His now. I’m not ordering Him like a genie, I’m submitting to Him. Asking Him to fix or to take hold of my finances is my way of acknowledging my need to submit this area of my life to Him.

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