Baked Ziti

Sbarro is one of my favorite place.  I specifically like their Baked Ziti.  This is how I like to eat my ziti.

  1. Order baked ziti half with mixed of alfreado and tomato sauce.
  2. Get a sprinkle of garlic granules from the condiments rack.  Leave it after getting a sprinkle.
  3. Get parmesan cheese, and chili powder. 🙂  Bring them on your table.
  4. Mix the sauce, sprinkle the condiments, and eat 🙂
  5. Drink iced tea in between. 🙂


My critic would always tell me that I always forced myself in a place I don’t belong to.

“You don’t belong in that church”

“You don’t belong in that clique”

I don’t belong in their church or clique either.

In Christ, I belong. 🙂