Small Group

The harvest is plenty but the workers are few.

I was supposed to attend the Worship Night at Victory Makati but my intention is not pure because I felt that I just wanted to go there for other reasons aside from worshiping God.  That is why I decided to just spend time with God while I eat all the good food within the vicinity of Makati. 🙂

I was thinking of whether or not I was called to lead a small group.  I feel like God is not really calling me to lead.  I was asking Him if I was one of those He called that night.

Then this thought occurred to me, “If you were to die right now, you know you’re going to heaven right?  But what about the great commission?” That really moved me.  I have faith that I am saved but wouldn’t it be nice to do something for advancing God’s Kingdom?  I want to take part.  That when I understand that the harvest is really plenty but the workers are few.  No doubt that I am also called.  But I am still in conscious incompetent.  I know my communication skills are not yet at par as compared to those who have an innate skills in communication, but it is a skill and though it may take a lifetime, I am gonna step up and take part and answer to the call of God.  I know that I should always put God first in all my activities and it will be successful and I’m just a facilitator and God will be the One to transform them and make them grow.

Come on, let’s do our part to advance God’s Kingdom! 🙂