Boost and Ever After

If you are for God, you can be assured of a “happy ending” which means “they live happily ever after”.  There is a great ever after.  As kids, we were taught to believe in happy endings.  We may leave this earth but we can be assured of a place in heaven—a paradise, a beautiful kingdom ruled by a kind God.

I looked at a classmate’s profile recently and saw that she was living the life I wanted.  If I will just look at what she has and compare my life to hers, then I will just be hurting myself.  I have to focus on God.  God is there, He knows me.  He knows me better than myself.  I have to worship Him all the time to always see His glory.  To see what is beautiful despite the chaos in this world.

I haven’t written for a while here because I’ve been exhausted—physically.  All I wanted when I sat on my bed after work was to just sleep.

They say that to boost metabolism I must have the right amount of sleep per day, which is 6 to 8 hours.  But for me, my complete hours of sleep is 8 hours.  But I can only have this on my off-duties.  So I always lack at least 3 to 1 hour of sleep.

I’ve been reading articles on how to boost my metabolism.  I think it’s disturbing that I have gained almost 10 lbs in just one month.

Allow me to post my observation.  I have observed this from the skinny people I know and also these observations are based on the articles that I have read so far.

I think, metabolism is boosted when the person will act quickly—like the person walks quickly, do her job in a hurry.  I think all your cells will be working full time—with beta-oxidation and full time metabolism.  By working in a hurry, it does not mean working haphazardly.  It rather means working energetically. J

To boost metabolism is to be hyper that means in emotions, too.  You can either be always aggressive and angry, or cheerful and happy.  If I’m going to be hyper, I’ll be choosing to be cheerful and happy.

To boost metabolism, you should be properly hydrated.  How can you be cheerful if you are thirsty.  How can you do everything in a hurry if your throat is dry.

To boost metabolism, you should know how to breathe.  Deep breathing.  Do you know the proper breathing to maximize the consumption of oxygen in the body?  That is the kind of breathing that we need.  It relaxes us.  It makes us think clearly which makes us work faster, and have the right attitude.

Boosting metabolism also involves the mind.  We have to engage our minds in what we love to do.  We have to interact and talk with people.  We have to have conversation with our friends or with other people.  Holding a conversation takes intelligence because we need to think of words.  We could also write.  But then talking is also better for the mouth, lungs and jaw J  Writing is good for the hands.  A balance of the two is better. 😉

From this day on, I will try to follow my own observation (should I say advise…hehe ).  Hopefully I will be able to boost my metabolism.

3 thoughts on “Boost and Ever After

  1. God works in mysterious ways. Give thanks for all good that He blesses us with and accept all the bad as penance for our sins…and be grateful always that we are alive to serve Him and all around us.

  2. FOr myself, I find that I tend to gain weight most when I am not active or occupied. For example, it is easy to sit and watch TV and munch on some snacks – result: weight gain.

    However, keeping myself busy and occupied helps to keep my attention of nibbling.

    10lbs in one month insn’t so bad – during Christmas 2009, I gained 8lbs over 4 days. eek! yes, I was indulging in a lot of Spanish (very calorie dense) christmas treats.

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