Speak Life

I would always want to choose to speak life.  Despite people bombarding us with deathly words, I would choose to speak life.  I want to.

So how do we speak life?

Speaking life, for me, means speaking words of encouragement to strengthen one’s faith and to speak in love the words of truth to make the person be on the right path.  There is always the right way to send the message across without destroying that person.

If you snap out in annoyance, you may have driven your point across but you have lost that person’s trust.

Whew.  Okay.  Enough of that.  So how was I?  This past week I’ve been busy–so busy with a lot of things.  Then I jumped into something–financially, that is a big strain on my budget.  But then when will I be able to enjoy things?  I want to enjoy it now.  So I can focus on other stuff–like something deeper and for the future.  Like business and other long term goals.

This morning I was glad to know that the pants that I was expecting to not fit me anymore actually fitted me. 🙂  Maybe that was what stress can do–it can either make you gain or lose weight in an unhealthy way.

God embrace me with Your warmth.  I need You in my life all the time.