To Begin

My sister and I had lunch at Red Ribbon at SM City Lipa.  My sister recommended its salisbury steak.  The meal comes with a slice of cake and drinks.  I chose the sansrival to go along with my meal.

It was delicious.  Most of the customers bought it, too. 🙂

The sauce was not that salty, it just tasted right.  The secret is in the beef 🙂 and also the small scoop of mashed potato to go along with the rice.

The sansrival is also famous here.  I loved it.  I love its chewiness.  But I don’t like the ceam on top and so I had to take it off, less on the unwanted calories 🙂

The pic was dark but can you see my delight? 🙂

Now, enough of the food.  The stomach is full, now let’s fill our spirit 🙂

This sunday was blessed because a pastor from VCF Alabang visited us.  He was Pastor Jojo.  He told us about how to begin with becoming strong with God.

How do we really begin?  The scripture used here is from the Book of Joshua, chapter 3.  Have you ever have this instance when out of your thoughts to yourself, visions of your life–like your dream or goal unfolds in your mind without really thinking about it?  Like the thought enters your mind from out of the blue.  Or you suddenly fall in love with someone or something and you know that you gotta have it.  For me that is called a DREAM.  A dream for me is God’s promise.  But of course, this is subjected to our own definition and we might be wrong, but the thing is, it keeps us going–to go for our dreams.

Did the Israelites have it easy when they finally cross Jordan River to take the land that God promised them?  I don’t think so.  First of all, other nations/tribes were occupying the land promised to them.  Do you think these tribes would just go away just because the Israelites arrived and demanded the land to be given to them?  Not without a fight, I guess.

It’s like saying, “I will make you rich, but you have to work hard for it.”  It’s like, “I will give you bountiful harvest, but you have to first plant the seed, water it, and make sure that no pest will invade your crops…”  We have to work hard for it.

It’s the same with our dreams.  We have dreams.  But we have to work hard to get it.  So how do we begin to work on our dreams–on God’s promise for us?

Forget the past. It’s hard to move forward without leaving the past behind.  Our cup has to be empty so God can fill it to the full.  But this takes courage and strength.  Where do we get these courage and stregth–to God.  God is the source of strength and courage.  Enough of thinking “what could have been” and start making dreams into reality.

Follow God. Now that we have forgotten the past, we can now follow God wholeheartedly because nothing is holding us back.  Here we have to establish on who is the boss.  Here God is now the boss.  And we also have to yearn for God’s presence not just God’s promise.  To have His presence,, we have to hear the Word of God, bask in the presence of God, and read the Bible.

Focus on God’s presence. During the crossing of the Jordan River, God commanded the people to take a several yards away from the Ark.  Why do you think God asked for this distance?  This is to make sure that the people know what or who they are following–to give them the right visual of who they are following.  To give them the right distance so they will focus on God (the Ark) and not be blinded by other stuff in the desert.

Let God consecrate us. We have to allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse us.

God is our shelter and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.  So we will not be afraid, even if the earth is shaken and mountains fall into the ocean depths; even if seas roar and rage, and the hills are shaken by the violence.” Psalm 46:1-3