Lord, create a new heart in me.  Live in my heart forever.



I have been craving His word like this hole in me that none can fill.  Only Him can fill this hole.  Have you listened to the song of Plumb–God-shaped Hole?  I so can relate to its lyrics.  It goes something like, “There’s a God-shaped hole in all of us and the restless soul is searching…”

I always thought that nothing that I want/dream is given to me and that controlling my weight is the only thing I can do.  But I know now that with God, anything is possible.  I just have to have FAITH.

Faith and patience are lessons that I have yet to master.  But in time, I hope to learn these lessons.  I thank God because He is patient with me.  He is waiting for me–to learn what I must learn so that He could finally give me the blessings He plans to shower me.

3 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Jassy wrote: I always thought that nothing that I want/dream is given to me

    Life can certainly seem unfair at times and this can lead to frustration. I constantly struggle with being more assertive; deep inside, I believe the world is a bountiful place and that “taking” things is unnecessary because everything will come in time. Patience is good, faithis good, but action is also needed and … the right action to take is often very difficult.

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