After a whole day of doing the year-end reports and performing good housekeeping, there is no better way to regain energy than to sleep.  But reading blogs is so much enticing.  So here I am, reading other blogs.

My birthday is fast approaching.  2 days from now I’ll turn 29.  That is something.  “By nows” will creep in my mind.  But that is okay.  It is just natural.  God has a way of making things all right.

Two of my friends are engaged now.  I’m happy for them.  Here is a chance for me to dress up again.  I hope by the time they get married, I have attained my goal weight of 110 lbs.

110 lbs.  It’s so nice to finally see the weighing scale read 110 lbs.

Back to my plans for my birthday…I just want to celebrate it with my family and a close friend.  I also want to buy a cake with “Happy Birthday to Jassy and Clint” as the icing.  Clint, if you are wondering, is my very cute nephew who turned one yesterday (January 2).

This year, I will also be aiming to be a vegetarian.  We’ll see.

I hope to buy a USB connector tomorrow so I can finally post pics.  🙂