I indulged today with Korean snacks.  But before the snacks, I ate dinner first.  Here is a picture of a fish dish called “maya-maya”.  This dish was just satisfying–salty, sour and a bit spicy all at the same time.  This dish is from Davao Tuna Grill located at the 3rd floor Robinson’s Place Ermita.  The staff here asked us (before)  if we wanted extra rice, we refused because we were trying to watch what we eat.  But I guess they were right in suggesting another serving of rice because their serving of this dish was big and one rice was not enough.

I love iced tea especially the Nestea brand.  Now, I often wonder why people would serve an iced tea without ice.  I just wonder why… 🙂

It looks like E is really enjoying his food. 🙂

My dinner was so satisfying.  But somehow I was still craving for Korean snacks.  We went to a nearby Korean store–the Da Mul Grocery.  I always go there when I want to eat Korean noodles and snacks.  If you’re going to ask me how to read the Korean characters written on the packaging on the picture below, I won’t be able to do so right now.  Last year, I would have read that if only I continued to have my Korean lesson.  But I got busy and I was not able to continue my Korean lesson.

I didn’t have any tutor by the way, I just look at the basic Korean lesson online.  Maybe in a few months, hopefully, I would be better in Korean language.

Why Korean?  I fell in love with South Korea/Koreans because of their series.  I also love how Koreans love their country and how progressive their country is.  I wish Philippines could be like that one day.  We have an okay President so I’m hopeful.

About this snack, all I know is that this is a potato snack because of the picture.  It’s better than Lay’s for me because it isn’t that salty.

I also bought almond choco-coated breadstick/pretzels.  I love this snack because the almond goes really well with choco.  And it’s only 170kcal per pack (that is according to my assumption based on the pack, I just assume 🙂  )

Last night I saw this chocolate cube by Lotte and the pack was affordable but for some reason I decided not to purchase it yesterday.  So when I went there tonight, I decided to give in.  It was worth it.  The chocolate cube is tasty and really chocolate-y.

That’s it for now.  I hope tomorrow I have better choices for food.  🙂