I’ve been here in Melbourne for 3 months now. It’s been a busy 3 months. So much has happened that I couldn’t stop and look at life to see how I was doing.

The move to Melbourne was not easy. The drive was long and scary. I also experienced some sort of discrimination. This experience convinced me that I was right to move to Melbourne.

Still healing from the awful encounter, we stopped by Albury for lunch and the bustling town sparked my excitement. I was also shocked, in a good way, that drivers in this town give way to other drivers, unlike in NSW. This is because Albury is a border town to VIC.

Philip’s (my car) tenacity was tested. 1500kms of distance traveled is no joke considering how heavy my car was. By the end of our ride, Philip was like crawling already. The first thing we did was pass by my current work. Then we went home but since we didn’t have any food, we went to the nearest shopping center to buy food.

Melbourne is definitely busier. Driving was a challenge at first but I got the hang of it. Now I can drive further but I still couldn’t drive along the freeway and in the city.

My new workplace is different and much busier but I don’t really mind.

I do miss the sense of community in the country. Here, people don’t really care about one another. They are not used to greeting anyone sincerely like smiling at someone you meet on the street. I still don’t know any of my customers.

However, Melbourne is a big city and there are so many things to explore and do here. I do like the food here–I like Asian cuisine–especially Chinese-Vietnamese and of course Filipino food. We recently ate at this restaurant in St Albans where we had the salt and pepper pork and it was heavenly. I’ve never had SAPP that good! It was amazing! The best thing is, I am discovering other dishes as well and I have easy access to them!

Another thing I like here is the coffee. I’ve discovered with myself my favorite coffee which is flat white with oat milk and 2 sugars. I don’t like my coffee that bitter. I want it smooth and creamy.

Moreover, I love that Melbourne has lots of bookshops!!!

My relatives and I went camping/glamping in Bright Victoria. It was really enjoyable. I really loved it. I am definitely doing it again.

Melbourne is beginning to feel like home as days go by especially since our modular has been delivered. It took them almost 4 months to deliver our couch. I am looking forward to inviting people over but at this point, our priority is to work whenever we can. I also hope to find a church near where we live. I miss going to an actual church to praise and worship and fellowship with others as well.

Now that I am in Melbourne, there are so many things that I want to do. I pray that God will teach me how to manage my time properly so I will be able to do not just what I need to do but also what I want to do.

time at all.

I also started some additional job in the city.


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