Two Things

I bought Starbuck’s instant coffee—the medium roast because the medium roast is actually my favourite coffee that I can buy here. It is just a small tin but man, this is very expensive. I hope it is worth it. I haven’t tried this yet because it’s too pretty and too expensive that I couldn’t bring myself yet to open this and tbh, I kinda forgot that I actually bought it. I only remembered today while I was watching vlogs making coffee.

Also, I have been using my Iqunix M80 mechanical keyboard. I bought this because of the colour and also I want to have another clicky mech keeb that looks like a typewiter. This is the closest thing that isn’t that expensive compared to Qwerky S Writer. The keycaps of M80 are cat-head-shaped but for me it looks like typewriter keycaps. I also like that it comes with a dust cover. 🙂

I have been using this keyboard ever since. I like it a lot. It’s not RGB, it only has white light but there are several light patterns to choose from. Also, it can connect through bluetooth and cable. I thought it would also have the the 2.4ghz dongle. But it doesn’t.

This keyboard is also heavy, indicative of good quality. I don’t regret buying this keyboard. Moreover, Iqunix has given me some discount because I’ve left this on my cart for a few weeks and they kept reminding me about this cart and then one day they sent me an email with a discount code so I finally gave in and bought this one. But if I have waited til Black Friday, it would have been the same discount anyway. But at least I got mine early. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Two Things

    • There’s only a few Starbucks in australia because most Aussies prefer their local coffee shops, here in the region, i can only avail of the grounded coffee from Starbucks from the supermarket. I tried french press and drip coffee but both are hard work, so when i saw this instant coffee, for $10, i took the risk to give this a try. 🙂

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