Last night my printer died, on top of everything else. It’s annoying because it stopped my momentum with my studies; moreover, I like this printer because it was heavy duty. I can load lots of paper, scan documents continuously and the ink lasts for a long time. But since it gave up just like that, I wanted to try a different brand and hope that it’s actually gonna be better than this one. Now I have an unused ink cartridges. Too bad it’s not compatible with this brand’s newer models.

I tried to buy a new printer before work but I was running late so I ended up asking Joshua to buy the printer for me instead. And this evening after work, I installed the new printer. Techie stuff. This time I decided to make use of all the features–almost, except for the fax.

Now I am surrounded by technology. I prefer it this way because right now this is the only way I can be connected to the world–to my family and friends.. I just wish there is a technology I have right now that could give me more time so I can finish my assignment. 🙂

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