It took me a while to come to this point. To accept that people come and go. Some people are just meant to be there at just some certain season in your life.

Lately, a handful of people has come and gone in my life. I feel sad for a long time. I tried to hold on. Fight for it.

A few days ago, an old friend of mine called me to sort of catch up. He made me think about the past of how it was like. Truth is, I like that season of my life when I was single and available to all my friends. I was almost everyone’s wing-woman–sidekick. I like spending time with my friends. It compensated for the fact that I was away from my family.

I’ve been hurt. I’ve been disappointed and betrayed.

But there are a few who still remained in my life for which I am grateful for. I feel blessed because God has shown me who are my true friends.

It’s been rough but the dust has settled and now I can pick up the remaining pieces. My self is still intact. I am still me. Better than before. My faith is still there and I can still feel God’s love in my life. Thank God for my husband.

Thank You Lord for keeping Your promise.

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