It was night time and I just  had taken a bath, ready to do some work then sleep after.  My roommates had not yet arrived.  I decided to send a message to one of my roommate to buy me Mr. Chips (from Jack “n Jill) and a can of coke.  She did buy me.  I ate happily sharing with them some of the chips.  Then suddenly, it happened.  My stomach moved suddenly that I urgently went inside the bathroom to let the air or food or waste all out.  The air was stuck inside my stomach and the pain was 9/10 for me.  Thank God I never passed out.

In the end, I have vomitted the chips and the coke I had just eaten.

It was a painful way to gain back my motivation to think about my health.

My apologies if you are eating right now and you happen to read my blog.

Portion control effort is a lifestyle and not just a goal.  Hopefully this will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Before I end this post, I want to share with you this video of my now major crush, Zachary Levi of Chuck with Katharine McPhee.  This is Terrified.  If love is terrifying, I would still fall in love a thousand times (hopefully to my future husband and also to God).

Enjoy the weekends!!! 🙂