Tuesday Night and Others

Last night, I attended the worship service. Then after that, T called to tell me that her vertigo struck her and she was at the ER. We went to her after the service. We waited fr 2 hours then ate at McDonald’s. But before that, I was on my way to the church when I could no longer resist the urge to pee and so I passed by this McDo branch just to use their restroom. The guard was giving out “ang pao” with discount coupons. I accepted one envelope. Fast forward several hours after, I was distributing discount coupons with my sisters 🙂 Everything happens for a reason.

Several good things happened at that place. We talked about the messages God gave to my sisters. I was just listening to them and God revealed to me that we have a relationship–that He’s also speaking with me.

After praying, one man seated nearby has heard us pray and so he asked for our prayers for his friend who was admitted in the hospital I worked in. We were awed for being approached and asked for prayer.

Another good thing, two people told me that I looked nice or different. Maybe the lipstick and eyeliner are really okay. 🙂

One commented that my face is shrinking–becoming fit? Hopefully. I must stick with this goal. Few clothes fit me if my waist become smaller, I’d be able to wear my old better clothes.


This is my season of getting lighter. I love this season. It’s the season I feel how I love myself because I’m doing this for me and this is the season that the stronghold of gluttony has been broken. By the grace of God, this has been a breakthrough.

I love walking through the mall and look at the pretty dresses and imagine them on me. 🙂

I’ve been rejected and offended that it led to loving myself and being my own best friend. This led to encourage myself.

I don’t mind counting calories because it makes my pants fit me, my uniform is not suffocating me anymore, my face smaller.

I love this season–the season of possibilities–anticipating the fulfilled promises of God.

On to another topic, I brought my friend along in one of our worship service and she told me later on that Victory is deep. She thought that Victory is all about socialization (fellowship) and not strong on the Word of God. She was proven wrong. Then she told me those magic words, “Maybe that is why you are ON FIRE”. Wow! Really?! It’s so nice to know that people can see that change in me. It means that God is really working in me–to transform me. 🙂