I thank God for this day because we went to Geelong.  I fell in love with the place.  I want to have a house there in front of the beach.  By God’s grace, it shall happen. 🙂

I like it that I am conscious that I am under God’s care.  God has great plans for me I know but to how those plans happen, I have yet to find out.  But I know in everything there is a purpose, a lesson, a character, a transformation that are happening in me.

God wants me to thrive wherever I go.  By His grace and through Jesus, it will happen. 🙂

Pumped Up

I was so pumped up for summer that I told God, “Activities God, more activities!”  But for the last few days, I had nothing to do.  I was feeling so down already.  I asked God again, and then it occurred to me that maybe God wants me to focus on Him right now.  Vertical relationship.

Maybe this sadness caught up with me already–6 months later.

God is doing something with my heart–transforming it according to His plan.