Break my heart for what breaks yours…

I am so fired up to advancing the Kingdom of God–to sharing the good news but it was not easy. People in the Philippines already know God but the problem is not a lot has a personal relationship with Him.

Last sunday, I tried to invite a friend to attend the service. She texted me beforehand asking if I was around. I told her I was and invite her to the service but she replied that it was not her thing. I did not respond right away, attended the service first then asked her later what she meant by not her thing. She replied with another it was not just her thing.

I am saddened and hurt, for me and for God. I feel like she’s rejecting me and God.

Apart from Christ, our life falls apart.

Then another friend asked me how I was doing. I think she might have been offended by how I answered her chat messages. But then I tried to be nicer and told her about God’s goodness in my life and how if my ex and I were not meant to be then both our hearts will be changed by God. Then she did not answer me anymore.

I don’t really need people telling me why I had to end the relationship, giving me “lame” excuses. When God speaks, you can’t really avoid it. Obeying Him is far better than all the excuses.

Just plant the seed. 🙂 God will make it grow 🙂