Walk with me

Because I can’t really write something that I really want to talk about here because my mind is a bit “blank” right now.  Here are some things that make me grateful:

1.  A very nice conversation with someone with a strong faith.  We talked about the differences in religion and her own journey and how I could relate to her. 🙂

2.  The blouse given to me by my kind friend.  I don’t have to worry about buying new clothes because people are kind enough to give me some. 🙂

3.  Learning God’s Word with E.  I told him about the sunday’s service and what I have been learning about PDL.

4.  The new theme from WordPress.

5.  Learning something new about the lungs.

6.  Able to control the food that I eat. 🙂


Just some random pic because my blog is all words and no pics.  Sorry, the food that I usually eat is not that good-looking…haha and when I eat something great, I don’t have my camphone with me.


I want to write about this particular topic but right now, I think it is best to just put it into practice because it is better that way.

Someone treated me with one ear of sweet corn.  The corn tasted so sweet.  I enjoyed eating it.  I felt full until lunch.  However, around 2pm (I think), my stomach started grumbling but I could not leave the presentation just to eat and so I bore it.  After work, someone treated me with pizza.  I had 2 slices.  I also had few oz of Coke.  Afterwards, I felt satisfied but sad.  Sad because I overate.  But then again, when I computed my caloric intake, it was still within my required intake.  My hope went up.  I felt motivated again.

Lesson learned:  Don’t give up. Even if you overate, you can still save the day by not adding more than should be to your caloric intake.  Meaning, if you are not hungry then don’t eat.  🙂

Today, I am thankful for:

  1. People giving me treats me thus I was able to save some bucks 🙂
  2. E’s patience
  3. God’s time with E
  4. Reading some chapters from the Book of Job
  5. Having my second copy of the Purpose Driven Life.
  6. Reading blogs of my favorite people 🙂
  7. Being serenaded with religious music as we were about to pray
  8. Realizing that a friend is safe because she went on a vacation
  9. Seeing a friend and her friendly daughter inside the bus as we were going home
  10. People giving me a helping hand