Small Group

The harvest is plenty but the workers are few.

I was supposed to attend the Worship Night at Victory Makati but my intention is not pure because I felt that I just wanted to go there for other reasons aside from worshiping God.  That is why I decided to just spend time with God while I eat all the good food within the vicinity of Makati. 🙂

I was thinking of whether or not I was called to lead a small group.  I feel like God is not really calling me to lead.  I was asking Him if I was one of those He called that night.

Then this thought occurred to me, “If you were to die right now, you know you’re going to heaven right?  But what about the great commission?” That really moved me.  I have faith that I am saved but wouldn’t it be nice to do something for advancing God’s Kingdom?  I want to take part.  That when I understand that the harvest is really plenty but the workers are few.  No doubt that I am also called.  But I am still in conscious incompetent.  I know my communication skills are not yet at par as compared to those who have an innate skills in communication, but it is a skill and though it may take a lifetime, I am gonna step up and take part and answer to the call of God.  I know that I should always put God first in all my activities and it will be successful and I’m just a facilitator and God will be the One to transform them and make them grow.

Come on, let’s do our part to advance God’s Kingdom! 🙂

Conscious Incompetence

One of the topics I have discussed with God (in my head) is leading a small group.  Do I have the skills and the confidence?  There are lots of points that I am seeing now that might lead me to a decision.  But of course, I must continually pray about it.  Deciding to lead is the first step, although skills are still needed to be developed.  The next is waiting for people or how to fish for people.

But then, the harvest is really plenty now that is why I feel like I should step up to help this workers for harvest.  Let’s harvest all the souls we can win for God.  Let’s introduce them to Jesus. 🙂

The Cause

We are now three in the group!!!  Yey!

You see, I joined a small group in the church and months had passed and I was the only member of the group aside from my leader.  We decided to just do One2One instead while waiting for the other ladies to join.  Last Tuesday, another lady joined us.  She used to be the leader of her small group in Quezon City and she switched to another job that was why she decided to just attend in Makati.

It’s been a great night because it made me think of reasons for bitterness.  I have looked deep, confronted it, lift it up to God.  My heart is lighter now.

Today is the first day of the Asian Conference for Clinical Pharmacy 2011 but it was raining hard here all over Luzon.  I will be attending tomorrow for the lectures, it’s gonna be heavy but I like it.  This is another chance.  It’s not often that a chance like this would be given to me.  I am excited to meet new friends 🙂


This afternoon was the first time that I handled a small group. I didn’t know if they learned anything from me but I hope so. I hope they are able to get to know Christ a bit more with what we have discussed and I hope that they will be able to apply the tips enumerated this afternoon on how to apply the Word in their lives. I don’t know what this means all I know is that I was presented with an opportunity, and I said yes. Because we all need to talk about God and study His Word, for our soul.  Last night or was it this morning…JR sent me a message asking what time slot and date I could help out at the Victory Weekend.  I immediately replied with Saturday because I have work on Friday.  I really hope I will be able to assist them.

Our topic this afternoon was about being strong in God.  How to be strong with God.  I hope it made sense to them.

God is working in my life.  Thank You God for everything.