God suprises me again. All I can really do is obey Him. I hope He will provide because I have no idea how I could have what I need. Yesterday was the day I had to assist the registration. I was running late that I had no time to go home to drop my things off. I went to the church directly. I was annoyed at first because of some miscommunication. But then, things changed for the better. I would have loved to stay behind to listen to the lessons. But I had my things with me and I was so hungry then.

Last Tuesday, I have started my One2One with CS.  I’ve also been reading the booklet and I have read there that people receive the Holy Spirit by asking Him to come to you.  There is also some verse there about touching you literally to receive the Holy Spirit.

I really need to lose weight.  Last night, my friend M and I were lost and we had this old couple help us.  They offered a ride but we had to climb the back.  Because I was big, I couldn’t climb the back.  It just showed that I really need to lose weight.

This morning, a cat ran over my foot and my workmate told me that anti-rabies was to be given per body weight.  So the bigger you are, the more dose to give and the more expensive it is.  Again, I have to lose weight.

Me having to spend some minutes at the emergency room of where my brother work is a blessing in disguise.  I got to experience the skin test.  It was painful.  After that we went to McDonalds to treat my brother, my sister coincidentally called me to buy her some food from McDonalds and so we ended up eating together back at home.  We were able to talk for a while about stuff–bonding moments with them.

Now, because of that cat incident, I have to be careful in walking inside dark rooms just to make sure that I don’t step on any cat.